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Oct 19, 2007 10:50 AM

DFW hound Where to eat in Cocoa Beach

I will be in Cocoa beach next Friday through the following Monday. What are the "can't miss places?" I lean toward seafood, but good Italian or Greek is also fine.

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  1. If you get the urge for really good Italian (North or South), I strongly recommend Silvestro's...

    1. I've always enjoyed the Mango Tree

      1. For breakfast, and in my opinion the best breakfast spot in all of Brevard County, Simply Delicious. For fresh seafood, Pompano Grill. For a taste of old time Cocoa Beach, The Surf(formerly Bernard's Surf). Mango Tree is great for an upscale dinner; might also consider a drive to Cocoa Village for Cafe Margaux, or their sister restaurant Ulysses Prime Steakhouse. I have dined at Silvestro's a couple of times and honestly thought it was OK, but nothing more. Just one man's opinion.

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          As I completely agree wtih you on Cafe Marguax, I have to ask the question...

          What don't you like about Silvestro's?

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            Let me be clear, I don't dislike it, rather I thought it was not the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that some others have attested to. The first time I went with a gal friend who is a vegetarian and the selection for her was rather limited. The second time I went with my brother and, though the food was OK and the service good(we both knew the waitress), nothing blew me away. If pressed for my favorite Italian restaurant in the area I always seem to recommend Villa Palma. Their menu hasn't changed in years, but what Pepe does he does very well. Again, just this one man's opinion.

        2. I am definitely leaning toward seafood, steak places while good are not a big draw since I am from Dallas and can get that any day.

          Good Italian food is not a bad idea for Saturday night since I will be riding 100K on Sunday, a bit of extra pasta won't hurt.

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            Silvestro's makes their own pasta.

            For lunch, you might want to try Coconuts on the Beach. The food is just OK, but it's one of the few places that you can actually sit & eat on a deck right off the beach.
            ( )

          2. So where did you end up eating?

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              Well that's the funny thing. I went out to dinner with my friend who I rode the bike tour with. We ended up chain eating on Saturday & Sunday nights. I had pizza up to the room on Friday night because I was rather tired from the drive.

              I did go out to a nice lunch on Saturday in Cocoa, cafe Margaut a nice little french place, great soup, okay fish.