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Oct 19, 2007 10:48 AM

Apple Picking RI

Any stand-out orchards in the area? Found a list online, but can't make heads or tails of which one would make for the nicest experience. We're in Providence and are willing to drive up to an hour or so...


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  1. Hill Orchards in Johnston is terrific, and only about 15 minutes from Providence. Great apple growers and a magical spot somehow shoehorned in amongst Johnston's suburban homes. Also, you can go for a walk in Snake Den park afterwards.

    1. Just a thought, not scientific, but I'd think of heading's pretty late for apples I think. Southwestern RI maybe?

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        I don't think that's necessary, unless you want to. I think apples are harvested into November in RI. I'm 95% sure there would still be plenty to pick no matter where you go. If you're not sure, just call.

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          ????pretty late for apples...since when?
          always enjoyes barden's...kinda off the beaten path

        2. My favorite orchard is Rocky Brook. Although it is impossible to grow organic apples in RI (from what I understand), it seems that they spray as little as possible. The owner is very friendly, and it's a beautiful spot.

          1. Try sweetberry farm in middletown...5 minutes from norman bird santuary. It is very clean, apples are plentiful ( as of last weekend ) you can also eat lunch there. They have sandwiches and prepared meals, and pastries-gourmet cheeses etc. It was our first year there and will definatly return next year.