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Oct 19, 2007 10:37 AM

Dragon fruit

looking for dragon fruit in san francisco - has anyone spotted it recently?

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  1. Phan Farms at the Civic Center Farmer's Market sells dragon fruit. $7/lb.

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    1. re: Philip

      thanks philip - i'll certainly swing by.....

      1. re: Philip

        Phan also has a stall at Alemany. Same price - $7/lb.

      2. I got one two weeks ago on Clement for $5.99/lb. Not sure of the store name but it was between 6th and 7th Avenue across from Schubert's.

        1. Palo Alto Farmers Market on California Avenue on Sunday, today in fact, there was a nice woman selling large very nice dragon fruit for $6, a very good value.
          Also she had very nice longan and 2 varieties of guava that were good. A welcome addition to the market.
          The market on California Avenue (there is another Palo Alto farmers market that is also quite nice, but on Saturdays and only until December 9) is supposed to be year around so come by and give her produce some love.

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            ended up getting them at Phan stall in Civic Center - reduced from $5/lb to $4/ i'm thinking very good value probably because it was the end of the day. thanks everyone.