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Oct 19, 2007 10:17 AM

Breakfast/brunch in Quarter?

A friend recommended Petunia's. Is it good or are there better places? Also, need a not-too-dressy Sunday brunch place, preferably in the Quarter also. Thanks.

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  1. You might want to consider the Coffee Pot. The food won't amaze, and the service can sometimes be a little spotty, but they have all of the traditional New Orleans breakfast items. They've been around for over a hundred years, so they must be doing something right.

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      I second this suggestion, and recommend their Pan Perdu (lost bread, which is a NOLA take on "French Toast"). I've always had great, friendly service, but it's been decades, since I got to dine there with any regularity. Back then, it was Maxie's Coffee Pot.

      I do not know Petunia's, so I cannot comment. Also, we usually "dress" for Sunday Brunch and have enjoyed both Commander's and Ralph's On The Park. However, neither are in the FQ, and I think you are looking for more casual. Did the Royal Orleans brunch too, but it falls into the category as the other two.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        A very Chow-y friend of mine was in NOLA last weekend, and she tried Petunia's. Said the food was very poor quality...including canned asparagus. A mid-priced brunch is a challenge in many cities including NOLA in my opinion. Either you go for the diner food (Camellia Grill being the best choice, of course, but they don't take reservations, and it's not in the Quarter), or you dress up and pony up the bucks. Is La Madeline still on Jackson Square? Usually, wasting a meal at a chain while in the The Crescent City would be heretical, but if you're looking for a Quarter brunch where you'll spend less than $40/pp, that might be a choice.

        1. re: Newcomb Girl

          La Madeline's at Jackson Square never reopened after the storm. You could try Surrey' isn't in the quarter, but not too far away (on Magazine St. in the lower garden district). It is very causal, but the food is amazing and intersting. They have boudin cakes with poched eggs and a andouille sausage sauce. It is also cash only and no booze.

          1. re: malenky

            Surrey's is great.

            Also nearby, you could try the Blue Plate Cafe, on Prytania. They have very good food, which goes beyond the standard breakfast fare, and it's casual and inexpensive.

            And my favorite breakfast spot in town is not far from the Quarter - Elizabeth's, on Chartres. Last time I went, I had roasted duck served atop a cornbread waffle. And naturally, I had to order a side of their (infamous?) praline bacon. The pies shouldn't be missed, either. Oh, and they do have excellent traditional breakfast items - grillades and grits, pain perdu, callas, and the like.

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              Actually, on a recent trip (staying in Jefferson Parish) with m-i-l, we dined at the hotel, then she wanted Shoney's, and after that, I put my foot down, and we did La Madeline's on Clearview - best breakfast of that trip, though we did not get down to the old breakfast haunts. I also did not review the hotel, Shoney's or La Madeline's for fairly obvious reasons. Still, it was the best of the three. Last morning, I went with a muffin from Starbucks. I was just glad that all of our evening meals were a few dozen notches above. As Newcomb Girl states, "Usually, wasting a meal at a chain while in the The Crescent City would be heretical... "


              1. re: malenky

                I wholeheartedly agree with Elizabeth's. The praline bacon goes without saying, but they also have a New Orleans old-timey favorite called Calas and their poached egg dishes are unique and delicious.

                That does it, I'm going tomorrow morning!

        2. Go to the restaurant EAT at Dumaine & Dauphine. They have amazing comfort/creole food. I went to dinner there recently, but from what I hear, their brunch is the place to be.

          Also, Elizabeth's in Bywater is supposed to be outstanding for brunch.

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            The last three or four times I've been to Elizabeth's have been slightly disappointing. Nothing egregious happened; it's more a combination of small things. It's very busy for brunch, and the upstairs dining room helps but isn't as cool as downstairs. The waitstaff have seemed flustered and in the weeds, and have forgotten to bring silverware, requested drinks and the check. They have been unaccomodating about additions or substitutions, for example my friend ordered the steak and wanted two fried eggs added on top of it, but the waiter said he couldn't do that and brought them on the side - not a huge deal, but come on, just put the dang eggs on the steak. Last time I was there, three weeks ago Sunday, my shrimp and grits came with two shrimp. The waiter, who was very very nice, aggreed that it was scant on the shrimp but seemed wary when I asked if maybe the kitched could send up a bowl of half a dozen or so more. They didn't, but he did take one dollar off the check to compensate. One dollar. I know they've undergone ownership and management changes since the storm, but the guy who has it now has had long enough to iron out the wrinkles. In fact, I think it was better just after he took over. So I don't know, I think Elizabeth's is off the list for awhile. You can make praline bacon better at home anyway with higher quality bacon.

            I do however love Clover Grill on Bourbon and Dumaine for breakfast. I like it better than the other places that have been mentioned.

            Clover Grill
            900 Bourbon St, New Orleans, LA 70116

          2. I have never been to Petunia's. The reason is that, for brunch in the Quarter, we never veer from Eat New Orleans. I had been going to that location for years when it was QSR. While I was disappointed that QRS did not reopen after the storm, Eat (despite its name) has been wonderful. Still BYOB, so we bring champagne and order a caraf of OJ. The shrimp and grits are outstanding, as are many of the egg dishes. It has a very loyal, well-deserved local following. Service is great, and amusing.

            1. I've always enjoyed Petunia's, although I hate their lines. I have never cared for Elizabeth's; I know people love their praline bacon, but to me it's just bacon with a candy coating.

              1. I've only ate there once, but the breakfast I had at Cafe Amelie on Royal during Mardi Gras was amazing. The grits were amazing, and the interior and feel of the restaurant is just what I love about the French Quarter.