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Oct 19, 2007 10:17 AM

Congee Village

Anyone recommend this restaurant?

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  1. hmmm. I guess I could sort of recommend it, but not resoundingly unless you are looking for: a) festive atmosphere b) lots of people c) cheap prices and even then only if you are not a picky eater. The service is a bit halting due to the language barrier from some of the waiters. The food is passable, but not excellent and the portion sizes are a bit on the shrimpy side. That said, the place always seems to be packed which lends to the aforementioned festive atmosphere. If you do decide to go here, I recommend you go in a largish group--I went last week with 10 people and we ended up paying $20 a head, that is including appetizers, soup, entrees and beers. Naturally we had the congee (plain though it is flavored with dried scallops among other ingredients), the salted fish fried rice with chicken (comes in a piece of bamboo) and other stuff too numerous to list here. Don't forget to pop by the bathrooms--you have to pass by the karaoke rooms which are fun to check out, especially if they are occupied.

    1. It is OK; I've been there a few times. But I'm not the person to ask because, being a vegetarian, there are large areas of the menu that are unknown to me.

      For congee (the dish) itself, I find it more interesting at Congee Restaurant on Bowery...because they use more ingredients and flavorings. It's more bland at C.'s just a matter of how you like your congee.

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        Congee Village is a nice place, you just have to know what to order. Don't order congee. For me their best dish are the noodles singapur style and the chinese greens with garlic. I have to say that in the last 2 years the quality has changed but it is still a nice place to have the noodles with greens. The roasted chicken is not bad but I prefer by far the one at Amazing 66.

      2. I first started going to Congee Village when it was a tiny one room place, still unknown, and though I havent been there in about a year, before that I went quite often. I loved just about everything I had, including

        *Casseroles: fish head, the house special casserole, pork belly with greens, etc
        *Sizzling platters
        *Other: steamed grass carp fish, steamed fish maw. the roast chicken

        Unless it's gone downhill it's worth the trip. When it's full, they will let you eat at the bar.

        Congee Village
        100 Allen St, New York, NY 10002