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Adding dry pudding to pkg cake mix?

I can't seem to find the answer to this one. I want to make a birthday cake for my daughter that is better than the typical package cake mix. I really don't have the time to make one from scratch though...can't I add a pudding mix to a regular pkg cake mix (without pudding already in it). If I do, do I need to change the amount of oil etc? I'm just looking for shortcuts. It seems that everytime I make a cake from scratch it is dry and tasteless.....but I still plan to make that Elvis cake someday! Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Check the Cake Mix Doctor recipes


    I use them all the time because like you every time I make a scratch cake its dry as heck. These work all the time for me and my kids love them. They especially like the Snickerdoodle cake.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks so much-I just checked out the website....now I want/have to buy the Cupcake Dr! Off to Barnes and Noble....I have to bring in cupcakes Monday for my daughter's b-day, the snickerdoodle sounds fantastic!

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        There are so many great recipes in the book, I make more cakes now than ever before:
        It's raining? Lets make a cake!
        It's too hot? Lets make a cake!
        It's cold? Lets make a cake!

        oops I gained 5 pounds? Umm... lets make a cake!

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        Great link, great cookbooks! Thanks for sharing!

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          You are so welcome!

          And I didn't even go into the frosting - it's the best.
          It's practically a cardinal sin to not have powdered sugar in the house these days!

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            I has always preferred powdered sugar for frosting. Man, I gotta get me these cookbooks!

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              You won't be sorry - unless you start making cakes like I have!

              I made a chocolate cake with whipped chocolate frosting the last time and ohmigosh was it good

              Have fun!

      3. 1 box cake mix
        1 small box instant pudding (pair flavor with cake)
        3/4 cup oil
        3/4 cup milk
        4 eggs

        Continue according to package directions. Delicious every time, especially chocolate.

        1. We just got back from the bookstore (found it!) and then just had to go to the grocery store for more ingredients, (I swear I am there everyday!) . Picked up some cake mixes and some powdered sugar and now I'll be up baking all night. Can't wait. I am going to try the chocolate malt cupcakes-will let you know how they turn out....:) thanks cookiefiend for the hints and thanks Robin for the pudding ratios-it makes me feel like I made it from scratch.

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            Can you please post how it turned out. I am sooo curious to know

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              The cupcakes were great!! Very moist...I had to wait a day before I tried them b/c I was overloaded by the smell of baking and my senses were outta whack. The frosting with the malt powder in it was excellent-I love that powder!! I can never find the Carnation Chocolate Malt powder anymore-just the regular flavor so I used Ovaltine. Excellent book!

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                I think I'll try that next!
                Thanks for letting us know!


          2. I agee with the cakemixdoctor recommendation. I made a cake mid-week for a meeting. I was suspicious of using jello (not jello pudding) for this lemon cake, but figured what the heck. Turned out great, and no one believed it came from a box (ok, a couple of boxes)

            1. I too use many of the recipes for cakes. I am a cooker and well, baker - not so much, but am learning. So, when I need a cake, I use her cookbooks.
              When I want a special cake, then I go scratch and use this website.

              1. I think the yellow cake mix from Betty Crocker has a recipe that calls for instant pudding and additional eggs. I make it and add 1 cup mini chocolate chips. I top the cake with powedered sugar and bake it in a bundt pan. It is a real quick cake to make and tastes really moist.

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                  That sounds really good. Do you have a link? I looked at Betty Crocker, but there is so much to look for!

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                    I could not find it either. The pound cake recipe is on the back or side of the yellow cake mix. I just add the mini chips and then top with powdered sugar.

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                      Thanks for looking. I will just have to go to the store and check it out.

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                        I was at the grocery store and remembered I needed something in the cake mix area. It wasn't BC but Duncan Hines yellow cake! Here is the recipe: 1 cake mix, 1 4 serving of instant vanilla pudding, 4 eggs, 1 c H2O, and 1/3 c oil. Bake for 50 - 60 minutes in 350 oven or until knife comes out clean. Enjoy.

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                          Thanks a lots! No wonder we couldn't find it on Betty Crocker!

                2. My favorite variation on this theme is lemon Duncan Hines cake mix and lemon Jello pudding. I don't vary the back of the box direction at all, except I usually throw in a bit of butter flavor extract (I have that because I don't use butter in my buttercreme, only Crisco). Then I make a glaze of lemon juice and powdered sugar. So very good.

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                    Yes! I had just bought both those ingredients without a definite plan. I will bake one up for my son's Fourth of July party--I think I'll add a cup of blueberries and lemon zest. Perhaps save some back for garnish.
                    Another way to "moisten" up such a cake is to return it to the bundt pan after it has cooled, stick a few holes in the bottom surface and drizzle with some of the icing. In my case I happen to have some homemade Limoncello that I will use to make the powdered sugar frosting and will use some of that to fill into the ice pick holes. Can't wait to try this one!
                    Thanks for the affirmation and the bright ideas.

                  2. Yes! I had just bought both those ingredients and can't wait to bake one up for the Fourth of July party at my son's house. I think I'll put blueberries in the Lemon Duncan Hines Cake Mix and Lemon Jello pudding and pie filling batch of cake batter.
                    Thanks for the affirmation.

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                      As Robin mentioned:
                      1 box cake mix
                      1 small box instant pudding (pair flavor with cake)
                      3/4 cup oil
                      3/4 cup milk
                      4 eggs

                      Continue according to package directions. Delicious every time, especially chocolate.

                      I've got Betty Crocker's Chocolate fudge. I am planning to add instant vanilla pudding to that cake mix. But it also says 1.5 cups of water with oil and eggs. Do you all think I should add water too if I go according to robin's tip that is adding milk with oil and egg and instant pudding mix?

                    2. I have a jello pudding dessert book from the early 80s so I thought I'd put the receipe up for anyone else looking.I make these all the time for really unique tasting cakes.You don't even have to refrigerate them. They're so good they never last until the next day

                      Jello Instant Pudding Cake

                      1 pkg cake mix (any flavor)
                      1 pkg 4 serving size instant jello pudding (any flavor)
                      4 eggs
                      1 c. water (I prefer milk)
                      1/4 c. oil (I prefer melted butter or sunflower oil.Any oil will work)

                      Combine everything in a large mixing bowl. Blend then beat at medium speed for 4 mins. You can mix by hand but it's more work & doesn't taste as good.Then grease & flour a 13x9 in. If I use a spray oil like Pam I don't use flour after greasing the pan. Bake at 350 for 45-50 mins. or until fork inserted in center comes out clean.

                      (In high altitudes use large eggs, add 1/4 c. all purpose flour & increase water/milk 1/2 c. more. It takes about 5-10 more minutes to bake.)

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                      1. re: syllylou

                        Hi Syllylou,
                        What is the name of your cookbook? Do you have an ISBN number for it.

                        Thanks for taking the time to put the recipe up.

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                          I just tried a Dunkin Hine's cake mix with Jello pudding mix and it was nasty. Maybe I did not like the taste because I am used to making cakes from scratch.

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                          I do this, but add 1 c. sour cream, reduce the water to 3/4 c. and add 12 oz. chocolate chips (or any other kind of fun chip / candy / etc.). I either bake it in a Bundt or in two 8" pans. Either way, works great and is (hiding head in shame) by go-to cake. If I make layers, I either use cream cheese frosting or Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Frosting.

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                            Hi syllylou -
                            I used to have that book and have lost track of it in my moves. Does this booklet have a recipe for lemon sauce, using instant pudding? If so, could you post, please?

                          2. It doesn't take any more than 5 minutes more to make a simple cake from scratch.

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                              Thanks, magiesmom -
                              but I'm looking for the lemon sauce recipe from the jello pudding book from the 1980's. I don't need the cake recipe.

                            2. go on google and search it up. that's what we did but forgot to add the pudding! we are trying to make a new one and we are going to use the same web site but we forgot it and it was saved on our other computer and its not working right now so ya