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Oct 19, 2007 10:00 AM

La Cabanita and toddlers - do they mix?

Hi.. after the reviews of this place, thinking of trying this place. Wondering if it is more of an adults-only place or if it would be okay for a family meal out (2 toddler boys plus their parents)? Thanks.

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  1. I've seen kids there a number of times.

    1. Yeah, there's lots of families, although the place gets rather loud. I'd try to go on a weeknight, hopefully fewer crowds, less noise, etc. and a coloring book or other quiet toy will make your food taste better!

      1. This place is overrated and overblown.

        It's gotten to the point where the ownership thinks that just because it's got "C" list celebrity photos on the wall it can cop an attitude.

        Even Kathy Vara (from Channel 7 Eyewitness News) declined a photo op the last time she was there.

        1. I've only been once, a few weeks ago, the place was ok but nothing special. I did notice that the staff was friendly with the little ones!

          1. that place is a friggin' romper room. Last time I was there, kids and baby carraiges were everywhere. The food is great by the way. Some of the best Mexican food in LA County!