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Pomme Frites

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Pomme Frites, the famous french fries joint in the East Village, has about 25 different dipping sauces for the fries. Any favorites/recommendations out there?

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  1. Sweet Mango Chutney (my fav, I love the little kick to it)
    Rosemary Garlic
    Parmasean Peppercorn

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      Is it true they let you sample as many as you want?? That's cool.

      1. Poutine!!! Parmasean Peppercorn as well. Yum!!

        FYI the more beers you have before coming here the better it tastes :)


        1. I like the curry sauce. It's served heated which adds a great touch. I was there a few weeks ago. The place is a lot cleaner than it used to be. I think it's also under new ownership. I haven't been there for a long time, so this may be old news.

            1. "Critics" have always rated parmesan peppercorn as best. Good old belgian-style "frite" sauce made from a mix of ketchup, mayo and the onions they keep loose on the counter works well, and I believe is a free addition to whatever else you get.

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                i havent been to this place in quite a few years even though im very close by. should try it again. also they have a shop inside the new Whole Foods on Houston st.

              2. I wrote a review of it with pics on Roadfood.com under Restaurants-New York. I love the Sweet Mango Chutney! They'll usually let you sample a few different sauces. I've never tried to sample endlessly, but they are pretty cool about sampling. The small size is huge! I can never finish it. Oh, the "poutine" is great!! Chicken gravy and cheese curds. A cardiologist's dream!

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                  Hahahahaha, don't even get me started on poutine. That should be it's own foid group......"mine"..........hahaha, love the stuff!

                2. Sweet Mango Mayo Chutney is best, apart from traditional ketchup. I didn't really care for the peppercorn. And the poutine is a delicious, heart-slowing thrill, but not as good as poutine at other places.

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                    the new roasted eggplant mayo. oh my!

                  2. WAR SAUCE!! (frites sauce, peanut satay sauce & onion)

                    1. I will be trying it for the first time Friday. If it's good enough for Bobby Flay I gotta go there at least once. As I recall when he reviewed it, I think he liked them straight up with ketchup (?)
                      I like the 3 sauces dagster mentioned, they'd seem great, we'll see tho

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                        there's a small Belgian bar around the corner from Pomme Frites that brings in fries a few times a week. they've got great beers on tap at reasonable prices, so if you're a drinker on a budget, you could go in, spend your fry money on beer and get the fries for free. they generally have four or five sauces to try, too.

                        from their blog:
                        Yes! Burp Castle offers free Pomme Frites to our patrons every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. The Frites show up typically between 5-6:30, and are available until they are gone.

                        1. re: coasts

                          The fries actually show up more like 7pm.

                          As they serve no food at Burp, they have no issue with you getting your own bag of frites at PF and enjoying them with your beer. Or whatever else strikes your fancy.

                          Nice, rotating selection of beers on tap. Not strictly Belgian.

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                            Why is this posting twice and not accepting my corrections? Hummm

                        2. I like the mayo, ketchup, onion one and the Poutine is nummy as heck.

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                            scares me how much poutine I could eat if left up to my own indulgences..........
                            love the stuff

                          2. Great recs here, I'd add the pomegranate teriyaki - very different, very surprisingly delicious.