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Cadbury Creme Eggs...? [moved from What's My Craving]

Is there anywhere to get/order cadbury creme eggs between now and easter? I've been charged with procuring some, and while I am aware it may be an impossible task I still thought it was worth a shot. Anybody?

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  1. I almost hate to suggest this, but have you checked at local dollar stores? They may be a bit old, but they are well wrapped, so that is in your favor. It might be worth a shot. Other than that I would contact Hersheys and ask them.

    1. Cost Plus carries a lot of Cadbury. They are made year round, but not sure if you can get them year round in USA. Maybe the website will help...


        1. Cross the border into Canada: they are a year round thing here.

            1. Ebay's got them...it's pretty much the answer to anything you'll ever need.

              1. Good Luck! I like the suggestion of EBAY - hopefully, they will still have the plastic wrapper... when my sister and I were young, we wrote to Cadbury/Hershey and asked them to PLEASE make creme-filled things all year long. Pumpkins on Halloween, trees on Christmas, etc. They said no. The thought of it now makes my teeth hurt.

                1. It's probably too late for fitziedawl, but for all you creme egg fans, I saw them at Walgreens yesterday. They had a sign that said not just for Easter anymore (or something like that).

                  1. HA! i was just at Walgreens today and i sw the "Christmas Cadbury Egg" display!
                    funny coincidence b/c i was thinking to myself - WOW! now we are rushing easter season too!
                    so hit up Walgreens and you should be all set!