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First night out in a while--where to eat in the East Village or Lower East Side?

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We finally have a babysitter and are venturing out of Brooklyn...where should we eat tonight? Thanks!

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  1. Italian: Perbacco

    Mexican: Mercadito

    New American: Orchard

    1. i havent been yet but im going to belcourt on 2nd ave this weekend...heard good things.

      1. Barbone in the East Village is my new favorite neighborhood Italian. Go for the inventive, freshly made (and bargain) pastas.

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          We liked Barbone. Order carefully (we did a searchof this site and it helped), stick with pasta. Dessert is not their forte. LaVagna is dark and intimate, amazing wine list. Maybe you can save these recs for next time?

        2. I love going to Jules on St Mark's place. It has live jazz, it is not too expensive and the food is good. The lighting is low and it is kind of romantic, especially if you have a glass of champagne:)

          1. Apizz. Delicious food and romantic atmosphere!

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              Second Apizz, fantastic Italian. Avoid Barbone, terrible service on a busy weekend night and the pasta is the only edible dishes. The apps are pathetic.

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                Apizz is nice in terms of space but i don't like their food much. The pasta dishes i had there were overcooked. Perbacco's food (their app and their pastas- not crazy about their other dishes) is better. Im not crazy about Barbene either, is too expensive for what you get. On the expensiveline... what about Peasant?