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Best Philly Cheesesteak/KC Area??

I've tried Chartroose, I've tried Cheesesteak Alley (which is no longer), and I have tried Pepperjacks grill. Your thoughts please. Where to get the best Philly Cheesesteak in Kansas City??

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  1. You should try Grinders at 18th and Oak in downtown. I've had pizza and wings there, but I've only watched the cheesesteaks. With great interest. . .

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      Are there still Steak Escapes around? I loved theirs,they had great fries too.

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        grinders is the BEST. you can choose between provolone or cheez whiz( don't diss it until you try it!!) or both...it's amazing

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          I love the cheesesteaks at Grinders! So far I have only had it with the cheez whiz- but I am totally trying out both cheeses next time! Now that I know how good the cheesesteaks are I have the most difficult time deciding between them and pizza!

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            OK now I am hungry for Grinders! I have only had their pizza but the cheesesteaks are sounding really good.

      2. When I was in KC last summer, I had a really great one at D'Bronx in Crown Center. But since I've never been to Philadelphia, I can't vouch for their culinary accuracy.

        1. Grinders has good cheesesteaks as many on here have said for truely grease dripping goodness check out Mike's Philly Steak Shop on 39th, like half a block off of broadway if your heading south hang a left on 39th like 4 doors down in the strip mall on your left a real hole in the wall BEST cheesesteaks in kc

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            Thanks BIG D, that sounds more along the lines of what I am looking for.

          2. Did you like Chartroose's cheesesteaks? I didn't think it was so good. Having lived close to Philly, I'm always looking for a decent cheesesteak and haven't yet found one in KC. Actually, I did for a while - a place in Westport on Westport Rd right where Papa Keno's is now. They were good. Then I tried Chartroose Caboose and am scared to try another around here ;-)

            1. I've never been to Philly, but Grinder's does purport to get their bread from Amoroso's in Philadelphia in attempt at faithful recreation.

              I don't know if that's meaningful or not. It is a pretty tasty sandwich.

              They also advertise their philly at the place that used to be 2 Guys in Mission on Johnson Dr and Metcalf-ish. It didn't really strike me as a Philly cheesesteak, but was enjoyable in a gross sort of way.

              1. Finally stopped at Grinder's this weekend - the cheesesteak was killer. The pizza was average. Having lived in NY for 5 years it was very far from NY style pizza. Pizza 51 does a better job, IMO, but I'd go back and give it a shot again - maybe an off night. Cool place.

                1. I have to say, I have not been to Philly, but I love a good sandwich and Boston Cheesesteak in Gardner, KS (30 min south of KC) is amazingly good. Mike, the owner, is funny and "New England" charming and right outta the old neighborhood. As much as I love the food, I love watching him (or his eight year old daughter) working the room sharing their East Coast humor. Once I asked him why he didn't use Cheez Whiz and he told me that is a Philly thing...but, I digress. The food is so good and the place is busting with regulars, so he must be doing something right! The Kabobs are also delish and if you've got a health conscious eater in your group he has awesome whole wheat wraps and salads.

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                    Great tip, Amy! I'm always looking for good eats b/w KC and Tulsa. Will give it a try.

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                      SIIIIIIGH!!!!!! I miss Boston Cheesesteak Co. They used to be in Westport and I used to go at least once a week. I even had a crush on a server there named Claire. I wish it was close to me than Gardner.

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                        I miss it too - why did they close????

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                          I think that Mike wanted a slower paced, small-town atmosphere. I'm happy he's in G-Town, I usually go in once a week or so. I think that I know where I'm going to lunch today.

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                            today, i drove by Steak "m's" on 77th & troost. Anyone been there? It kind of looked closed-ish.

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                              Sadly it's closed and has been replaced by an impostor. I would not recommend the Cheesesteak Grill in Gardner. Siiiigh, I miss Mike.

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                          Well i know about a place that will open soon and this guy showed mike the biz back in the day .....trust me ps. ask mike about the chowda its a east cost thing

                        3. Chartroose Caboose in Lenexa is my favorite. They also have the option of the cheez wiz product on top of the philly, you have to ask for it. It is better then cheez wiz. You have to get the cheese fries also. They always have long lines at lunch.