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Oct 19, 2007 09:07 AM

Good Soup around White House/Farragust West Area

Come fall and winter, I always have a soup craving mid-day. What types of soup do you crave around this time or do you crave something else? What places around here do you go to to get a bowl of good soup?

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  1. I know it's a chain but I LOVE Au Bon Pain's Pumpkin Soup. It's thick and hearty, and healthy too! The small size along with a little piece of bread is more than enough for a lunch for me. It's a seasonal item and while I haven't been there in a while I would guess it's being offered right now...

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      Rights after posting this I headed out to lunch and passed by Au bon Pain- yes they just got the pumpkin soup and I almost went in to get it. Instead I ended up going to Naan & Beyond for a shrimp tikka platter which was so so. Shoulda just gottn the soup!!

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        At ABP there's also the Carrot Ginger, Thai Coconut Curry, and Portuguese Kale -- the last one is really tasty. And the Thai soup smells like a dream come true.

      2. re: KWynn

        I love the pumpkin soup too! I was going to suggest it. I have to say, I'm not the biggest fan of ABP, but most of their soups are pretty great (and quite a few are pretty healthy too).

      3. How about Butterfield9? I had a delicious white corn soup there once and also a lobster bisque. Their soups are always seasonal which is nice.

        I also love french onion soup from Bistro D'Oc or Bistro Bis.

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              Breadline was my immediate reaction too.

          1. Go to Greek Deli and get whatever soup they happen to be selling! Their lentil is the most delicious lentil soup I've ever had.

            1. I went to lunch at the American Indian Museum on Saturday and their pumpkin soup was incredible. They also have a beet soup with crab which was very tasty.

              I keep forgetting how great a place this is for lunch. Everything is seasonal and perfectly seasoned (didn't need any salt or pepper). The soup along with the Northwest cedar-planked salmon is an incredible meal. But I would have been just as happy with the soup and a piece of their fry bread. Mmmmmmm. Certainly warm, fresh, and delicious.