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Oct 19, 2007 08:58 AM

Driving from Charlotte NC to Asheville NC

I'm traveling on business next month and would not want to drive past any must
stop places between these two cities. BBQ and down home specialties are my favorites.
Not fancy just good food. Any local recommendations?

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  1. Shelby is the place to stop and eat.There are several BBQ places that are recommended on other posts. My favorite place to stop is The Shelby Cafe(220 S Lafayette St Shelby, NC 28150-(704) 487-8461) down home meat and three with the usual gang of locals chatting about the weather or football(high school that is). It is half a block from the square in Shelby.

    1. Bridges BBQ in Shelby is a MUST. Its on the left on 74 driving from Charlotte to Asheville.