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Oct 19, 2007 08:48 AM

Hamburgers in Los Angeles Area

Bring a transplant to Southern California, I have heard different opinions about local hamburger places. In particular, In N Out seems to be a local favorite. However, after going there, I was not impressed. The hamburgers seemed to be like so many everywhere else--pressed meat from a mold, rather thin and mass produced. Where does one go to get an old fashioned hamburger, like the kind you make at home.

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  1. B & R in Hawthorne is a good spot for the type of burger that you are seeking. Hand made and cooked on a griddle.. Nice people once your inside. Oh yes, leave your good watch home that day..

    B & R's Old Fashion Burgers
    3512 W Rosecrans Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

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      B&R is also a good old school, no fancy smanchy

    2. You have opened up Pandora's Box!

      26 Beach Restaurant
      Texas BBQ King

      this all offer old school basic good burgers, there will be many more replies that have gourmet burgers and I could list those, but I won't. Try these for a good basic old school burger!

      26 Beach
      3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

      Cassell's Hamburgers
      3266 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

      Original Texas Barbecue King
      5309 South Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA

      Yanakis Burgers
      13200 Valley Blvd, La Puente, CA 91746

      1. for comparison, try a fat burger. but yes, a pandora's box has now been opened... :-)

        1. I agree with you, the In N Out burgers do not live up to the hype and I found the fries to be yuck. I've only been once, but I preferred the Apple Pan. Disclosure: I eat very little beef and no pork. Whatever you do, never Hamburger Hamlet. I've been pleased with the burgers at The Counter, but that's probably because it comes with a crapload of toppings. Yeah, that's why for sure. Also, sweet potato fries.

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            I love In N Out, go figure, I get animal style, protein style and animal style fries. Do you really like to build your own burgers? I like a place that presents their take on a BBQ Burger or a mushroom burger, I like the chef's take on what he does. You go to Father's Office for that one thing he does, why would you have hime leave off the blue cheese and add feta, you wouldn't., im rambling, sorry.

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              In N Out burgers aren't bad at all, I was just agreeing about the hype ≠ reality. Being only an occasional burger eater I don't really have a sense of the burgerscape in LA. I just remember the first time I went there, after all the WOM and I was sure I had the wrong place or bad luck. I've been maybe a half dozen times and they are consistently better than the pack, but not equal to the hype. I don't normally go for the BYO, but if the toppings are included and they sound good... Actually, I'll try some of the places off your list. I don't run with a burger eating pack, so I've always felt that I'm not really finding the right places. I recall someone mentioning a Philly West, or something Philly in Westwood?

          2. I just tried the Father's Office in Santa Monica. I went to try the burger since I had heard great things about it. Not a real "home" burger but very flavorful. And if you like beer they have everything in the book-- but go early... seats are hard to come by!!!!

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              And another Favorite of Mine is The Richmond Bar and Grill ( my go to for its the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger ) in El Segundo. However, from reading the OP's wants.. I think that my rec of B & R will do em fine..

              Richmond Bar & Grill
              145 Richmond St, El Segundo, CA 90245

              1. re: Foodandwine

                I love the Richmond Bar and Grill, and it's certainly among my favorites for "traditional" burgers. I especially like their house-made potato chips. They're also one of the few places where you can get Firestone Double Barrel *Unfiltered* on tap (the only other place I know if is the Firestone brewery up in SB county).

                And I would remiss if I didn't also recommend Pie N Burger.