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Oct 19, 2007 08:48 AM

What to get at the Capital Grille- Baltimore

I will be attending a work dinner at the Capital Grille in Baltimore tonight. I plan on ordering steak but would love recommendations for which one on the menu to order or what sides to get/stay away from. I know it's a chain but I am not certain if there is anything different about the Baltimore one??

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  1. Neither of these recommendations are unique to the Baltimore branch, but the Hot Cherry Pepper Calamari appetizer is up there with my favorite preparations anywhere. As for the steaks, I now stick with the Delmonico, having found it to be the most flavorful. I'm getting hungry typing this - enjoy the dinner....

    1. Haven't been to this one, but assuming there's nothing different, the onion soup is first-rate.

      1. the last time i was there they had a kansas city strip as a special, with a very light molasses coating. it was just big beef flavor with a hint of sweetness. i'm ordering it again the next time i go. at the same meal they had a special side of creamed corn with bacon that was awesome.

        as a heads up, make sure they don't seat you in the kitchen area, i had one unfortunate meal in there and that was enough. the food was good, the surrounding diners were questionable at best. the only thing i wasn't thrilled about were truffle fries, they didn't taste like truffle or parm cheese. they sound great on the menu, but they didn't do it for me.

        1. The Capital Grille chain uses dry aging for most of its steaks, which makes it somewhat distinctive. So, better to order something other than the non-dry-aged filet.

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