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Oct 19, 2007 08:28 AM

Gennaro's Eatery, Quincy

We tried Gennaro's Eatery in Quincy the other night after hearing lots of good things about the place. I have mixed feelings about our dinner, but now I'm thinking I ordered the wrong thing (that is, I didn't order the pizza).

The place was packed for a weekday night, with a 15-minute wait when we arrived at about 5:45. Once we got a seat in the dining room, we ordered a couple of apps (Cesar salad and pasta fagioli, both ok but not great), then dove into our entrees. The lasagna seemed a bit undercooked and had a lot of cheese (even for lasagna!). It also had a bitter taste that bordered on unpleasant. The lobster and pumpkin raviolis were better, though they were swimming in cream sauce.

Service was mostly good, though they did forget my order of meatballs (they were very apologetic about it), and prices were very reasonable. I definitely want to get back there, because every time I saw a pizza go by, I started drooling uncontrollably; it looks like a classic New York-style pizza that is easily foldable and has a gooey mess of cheese on top. I talked to someone I know who lives next door to Gennaro's, and he said the pizza is the real deal there.

So next time, it will be the pizza at Gennaro's. Maybe I'll get back there over the next week or two.

Has anyone tried their pizza? If so, what did you think?

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  1. I have had their entrees, not the pizza. It's decent, really (Their base tomato sauce is pretty good) but I think the word of mouth is driven by folks who appreciate quantity over quality. The staff was also a huge selling point - you feel like family. ;)

    1. Haven't tried the pizza, but I bet you would like their chicken pot pies. I believe they're only available on Wednesdays. Served with a side of mashed potatos -- pretty good!

      1. Hi,

        The pizza is excellent. The best I've found in Quincy, so far anyway. They also make killer calzones.

        As far as the entrees, I always enjoy my meals there. The toasted ravioli appetizer is my favorite app. The specials are always good too. I didn't taste the bitter taste in the lasagna when I had it, though. Try something from the specials menu next time, but if not, definitely get the pizza.

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            It's at the corner of Quincy Avenue and Blanchard Road, maybe 4 or 5 blocks southeast of Quincy Center (Hancock Street becomes Quincy Avenue as it leaves Quincy Center, heading toward Braintree and Weymouth.

            I'd post a map for Gennaro's here, but the Commodore Vic-like computer that I am on right now won't let me do it. Maybe someone else with the (much) needed technology can help out here...

            1. re: catspercapita

              Hey, I think I did it! It's amazing what 8MB of RAM in a computer can do...

              Gennaro's Eatery
              12 Blanchard Rd, Quincy, MA 02169

            2. Huge fan of Genarros! Live the toasted Raviolis and the veal Vincenzo I think that is how you spell it. Get those 2 and you will not be disappointed!