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Oct 19, 2007 08:10 AM

Town Dock in Rye?

How is it there? It is casual, right?

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  1. i hear the town dock is very casual with very good food...give it a shot

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    1. re: riverhound

      Town Dock was a family favorite for years. I've stopped going. Place seems exhausted - not clean, static menu, HVAC problems...simply at the end of the cycle.

    2. Yes, it's casual. My wife and I stopped in on a lark one evening. Enjoyed the calamari appetizer (excellent Old Bay Mayo), fish & chips, and my wife had a lobster roll.

      Prices aren't cheap (it's Rye, after all), but it's a comfortable spot with good food

      1. We used to eat there regularly. After some time, my husband remarked that it was costing a fortune every time we ate there. Somehow, burgers and beers were like $50. Still, we continued to go b/c it had a charming, local bar scene etc...Then, they had some sort of sewage problem-so bad that the place positively reeked for ages until they got it under control. I think I lot of the "regular" business dropped off after that and people started going to Rye Bar, or Ruby's for that sort of food and scene. I am told they have a new chef now, and maybe that will breathe new life into the place. It's tired.

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        1. re: MRS

          Same here MRS, we also stopped going, but are thinking of giving this place another try...hope the new chef can bring this place back. I used to love the calamari at this place. Last we went, the place was empty, sort of feel bad for them. Please keep us posted if anyone tries this old favorite or has tried it recently!

          1. re: RawTunaFan

            was there about two weeks ago, looks like they're sprucing up the place, the bar area has new wood, our food was fresh and delicious with lovely service.

        2. I think the place is great! Great food, great employees, great chef and the prices are right...especially in this town.

          1. The original comment has been removed