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Oct 19, 2007 07:56 AM

Cape Girardeau for a week

I am heading to Cape Girardeau for a week and am searching for local restaurants to try. The hotel website mostly lists national chains. Being an east coast city woman, I tend to stay away from chain restaurants. Do you have any recommendations on where to go for dinner? I will have a car and am willing to drive 30 minutes away. I have seen Lamberts recommended but was wondering if there were other places to consider. Thanks!

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  1. about 40 minutes from there is Sikeston, MO, and there is a place called Lambert's Cafe. It is pure comfort food and they do throw the rolls across the resturaunt at you. I have not been there in years, since I was in college at SIU in Carbondale, but i am sure that it is still as good as it was back then.

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      Not to rain on your parade but unless you're north of 70 and your idea of a good time is an evening at andy Williams in Branson with non alcoholic champagne served in plastic glasses with American tunes medleys blaring in your ears, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM LAMBERTS. It's amusing for about 5 minutes, then it gets a little frightening. The food is Sysco's finest frozen, in large quantities served out of buckets by very"cheerful" servers who THROW ROLLS. How cool is that ?! Seriously, Celebrations is good higher end dining. Saffron has pretty good thai and decent fusion food in a pleasant place, the Phonecia had quite good lLebanese food. But the best single thing to eat in the area is a balogna burger at Schindler's Tavern in New Hamburg, a tiny hamlet, about 10 miles South of Cape, just off old highway 61. Schindler's is an old(pre 1930) tavern where they make real hand made beef patties with a slice of grilled balogna on top with grilled onions, all served up on a toasted bun with a cold Staag beer. It's wonderful. Go to Schindler's and stay away from Lambert's, Please!

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        This is one of the serious drawbacks to trying to eat in mid-America. Look at this blog and be afraid, be very afraid. in either of the polls, there's not a single restaurant that's not a chain place. there are decent places to eat there, there just not on these lists.

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          As the owner/moderator of CapeEats, I'll agree with chazzerking. There are some great places ot eat, but when taking a general survey - of course the chain's are going to come up first. Too many people afraid of taking a chance. I think he was looking at the posting where I reviewed the survey results from our local newspaper. With which I most certainly did not agree.

          If you want great food - there are several places in the Cape Girardeau area that can help you out. Ray's of Kelso ( is our favorite, but for fine dining in the area, you've also got Celebrations, and the Royal New Orleans. Great cajun food at Broussard's. Excellent home-cooked Mexican food at Muy Bueno. Great Thai food at Saffron. Check out the restaurant reviews link on the side of my website.

      2. Lamberts - used to be a lot of fun, with lots of good comfort food - best of all were the fried potatoes. We went to Sikeston a couple of months ago and looked forward to dinner at Lamberts [b]WRONG[/b] it was as corny as ever, but the food was crummy - especially the greazy fried potatoes - I got a bunch of them - but didn't eat them as they were lousy. and so were the mains.

        Whats that about living on your reputation???

        1. We stopped in Cape Girardeau on a roadtrip last year and had dinner at Bella Italia on Spanish St. -- it won't knock you out if you're used to coastal big-city Italian, but the people were friendly and the food tasted just fine. I'd certainly go there again if I were in CG.

          1. Here's one of my old posts:
            Still good to date.
            About a mile across the MS River bridge in East Cape is a place called Babe's Fish House that I'm told has the best buffalo ribs (buffalo fish that is) in the area. They have random hours and sell out very quickly..give them a ring at 618-661-1115.