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Oct 19, 2007 07:50 AM

What Is in a Chinatown Casserole and Suggestions?

I'm heading up to Mott St. today for lunch ... I've always wondered what exactly is in a "casserole" that you can order in Chinatown. Is this some sort of soup thing? Brian S., come to my rescue?

And, for that matter, where should I order one?

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  1. Casserole is basically some earthenware/porcelain pot heated with a bunch of stuff inside. It's the same as an American definition of casserole.

    They can be a complete meal or an entree.
    If they are a complete meal it contains rice inside with some toppings like preserved duck or chinese sausage. It's kind of like the dol sot bi bim bap; the one with the heated stone bowl that continues to cook the rice.

    I've seen congee inside the earthenware bowl too.

    The entrees are just like an american casserole with asian ingredients.

    I used to go to Yummy noodle for rice casseroles until someone on the board informed me that they recycled the soup from customer's unfinished bowls. Can anyone recommend any other rice casserole place ?

    I think the restaurant Congee does a bunch of casseroles. I like eggplant , salted fish n chicken.

    Xo does hk style casseroles, ie. meats and veggies with cream sauces, portuguese sauce etc... baked in a porcelain bowl or something.

    1. It is maybe my favorite thing! It ain't your midwestern mama's casserole. Various ingredients (some are stir-fried or otherwise cooked before) are lovingly arranged in a big clay pot with flavorful broth at bottom, a lid is put on and then it's put on a burner. The broth bubbles and permeates everything else. It is brought to your table, the lid removed, and then you see and smell the bubbling goodness.

      I order it just about everywhere (except Amazing 66 where I prefer other things). Cantoon Garden, New Big Wang on Elizabeth, Hop Lee on mott. I wrote loving descriptions of different casseroles in a post on East Ocean (which I havent been to lately and might not be as good since then) But the link is good for descriptions of the joy of casserole.Enjoy!

      1. Too late for lunch today, but here are my two cents.
        Amazing 66 has a casserole lunch special of fish cubes and tofu. One of their best lunch specials.
        Yeah Shanghai has a casserole of hard shell crab, translucent bean thread noodles and white pepper. Share this with a loved one.