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Oct 19, 2007 07:46 AM

Rome - I choose two - opinions?

Hey all. I have done research and I thank all of you for your help.

We have two nights and decided on Antico Arco and Pierluigi. We are will be there on a Sat/Sun so that was also a factor.

Our pallets are not too broad. Fishy, intestine kinda stuff is not our cup of tea.

In the running was L'Orso, Dal Bolognese, Colline Emiliane and a few others.

Any others we should seriously consider?

Thanks again for all of the help.

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  1. I would need more information from you in order to make suggestions. What kind of expectations you have? Is location important for you? Elegant and romantic or casual and fun? Traditional recipes or modern Italian cooking?
    Both your 2 places are good: (I love those tables outside during the nice season-traditional dishes and simple decor
    ) (Romantic but not fancy - modern Italian cooking


    I like great food and good wine and I hope one day I will have my own restaurant in Rome where I live. Because of my job ( I often go out to try new places and I get many feedbacks from my clients.

    Some of the places I like most in central Rome (for different reasons):

    Due Ladroni
    Settimio all'Arancio
    La Campana
    Hostaria dell'Orso
    Osteria del Pesce
    Trattoria Monti
    Al Presidente
    San Teodoro
    da Francesco



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      Antonio, am planning our first trip to Rome and am looking for the those quintessential Roman dining experiences that are moderately priced. Do any of your suggestions fit that? Thanks so much.

      1. re: stymie

        For real Roman dining experiences you should try very simple and casual places (so called Osteria or Trattoria) like the following:

        da Enzo
        Via dei Vascellari 29 (Trastevere)
        Lunch & dinner, closed Sunday

        dal Pollarolo
        Via di Ripetta 4 (Piazza del Popolo)
        Lunch & dinner, closed Thursday, pizza only at night

        Via S.Giovanni in Laterano 88 (near the Colosseum)
        Tel. 06.7096332
        Lunch and dinner, closed Wednesday
        I am not quite sure if they serve pizza for lunch too

        La Taverna
        Via Madonna dei Monti 79 (not far from Roman Forum)
        Tel. 06.4745325
        Closed Sunday

        Sora Margerita
        Piazza delle 5 Scole 30 (Jewish Quarter)
        Tel. 06.6874216
        I am not sure if they serve dinner every day and if they are closed on Sunday

        Enoteca Corsi
        Via del Gesù 87 (not far from Pantheon)
        Tel. 06.6790821
        Open only for lunch or just a glass of wine for the rest of the day.
        Closed Sunday

        These are all centrally located and the everage cost for a 3 course meal would be about 25 euro. Service is very friendly.

        If you are looking for proper restaurants serving traditional local recipes:
        La Campana (not far from Piazza Navona)
        Paris (Trastevere)
        Ar Galletto (Piazza Farnese)
        Il Matriciano (Prati-Vatican)

        Everage cost 45-60 euro per person.

        I am sure you will find full details about this places on this forum or get the address and locate them on google.

        I wish you all the best!!


        1. re: antoniob

          I second the Enoteca Corsi rec. Last week's lunch was a highlight of my trip to Rome. It was a great, down-home, neighborhood restaurant...just my style. I even swiped a copy of the handwritten menu as a souvenir. Wonderful roasted chicken & potatoes, roast veal, lentil soup, lasagna, and many other goodies on the menu.

          We also enjoyed Evangelista, Romolo, Archetto, and Bar Cavour 313.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Do you remember what the prices were like for Enoteca Corsi for lunch and for Evangelista? We'll be in Rome for 15 days beginning on November 1. We're thinking about both of these. Thank you.

            1. re: NWPeter

              Enoteca Corsi runs about 8 Euro for a selection; Ask for Claudia, daughter of the owners, who is as sweet as she is beautiful. Little known fact: you may ask her for half portions so you may sample 2.

              1. re: NWPeter

                I think that the primi were one price, with the secondi a little higher....seems like I remember 6.5 and 9? I'll check the menu when I get home and post tomorrow. I do clearly recall that several meatless options were offered. Here's my first attempt at attaching a photo of the pollo & potatoes at EC.

                  1. re: NWPeter

                    My Evangelista photos weren't so good (slightly out of focus, I need a fancier camera), but the food was excellent. I started with the famous squashed artichoke appetizer, my DC had gnocchi w/fungi porcini, secondi included pasta w/fresh anchovies & pine nuts, roasted beef w/potatoes, dessert was a pear & almond tart. Pasta photo attached.