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Oct 19, 2007 07:43 AM

Belgian Waffle Iron

OK, I've searched for a Belgian Waffle Iron off and on for a few months now. I'd really like one, but none of the ones I've seen so far have removable plates so that you can clean them easier. For me, that is a MUST!! Does anyone know of an affordable (less than $100) that has the removable plates? I'm not overly concerned with shape of the waffles or anything like that, although, if possible, I prefer round.

Sadly, the closest thing I've seen to what I'm looking for the the George Foreman grill thing that has the regular waffle-making plates on it....and I suspect the ONLY reason the plates are removable is because they swap out with other plates--not because it would be convenient to clean them if you can remove them.....GRRR!!! I may have to resort to that yet, but I'm hoping someone knows of a belgian waffle iron that does similar things--because the thicker waffles are SO much more yummy!! ;)

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    1. re: ocaladevil

      I own the Krups and find it works quite well and is well constructed

      to repeat the link...

      1. re: ocaladevil

        This Waring does not have removable plates. I have never had a problem cleaning the plates because rarely does anything stick. If anything gets really stuck, you can just turn it back on untill the stuff releases. And it makes excellent waffles. I've seen it for $50 at Costco, so you might look around for price. Uhhh, did I mention excellent waffles?

      2. I have a Salton waffle iron with Teflon coated grids that wipe clean with a washcloth.

        I have more problems cleaning up the batter that overflows.

        1. We have a Villaware Uno waffle maker and it works great:

          It doesn't have removable plates, but it is a breeze to clean (as long as I don't overfill). When we're done, we just put a damp paper towel in the waffle maker wipe down the outside and it's as good as new. I also like it's size - it's easy to store and put away when we're done with it. Best of all - great waffles.