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Oct 19, 2007 07:33 AM

L.A. Italian - Vincenti or Pecorino

What's the better of the two places in Brentwood? Or should we just stick to what we love and go to Angelini Osteria?

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  1. We like PALMERI in Brentwood. Angelini's always great! All Angelo is very good. La Terza is better lately than before with their new Chef Lucca.

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      love palmeri too. (only qualm was about a month back running by there saw leftover dessert plates in the front table in the ront window... just kind of soured my stomach a bit to see the chocolate goop hardening over...)

      of your two, vincenti.

      if you'd head down to main, via veneto.

    2. il carpaccio just opened in palisades. Woth a look. Also, there are wons of good places in Santa Monica that are worth the treck. I havent heard of those two places though.

      1. I've been to Pecorino and really enjoyed it, but that was over a year ago. Unfortunately, I have no recollection of what I ate.

        1. I think Vincenti is one of the half-dozen best Italian restaurants in L.A. and offers a much higher level of cooking than Pecorino as well as a nicer atmosphere [my other picks are All' Angelo, Angelini, Drago, La Terza and Osteria Mozza (the noise/comfort level there can impinge on the enjoyment)]. Pecorino is a good neighborhood place but I do not find it worth a special trip. Individual meals at Valentino's have also been among the best in town but it has been inconsistent--though the wine list there always makes me glad I came!

          1. I think of Pecorino as having a "maverick" menu in comparison to other Italian restaurants. They don't serve the usual fare and they prepare it extremely well.