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Apr 16, 2006 07:04 PM

Fresh lime leaves?

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Does anyone know a reliable source for fresh lime leaves? I've tried several markets on Clement street, and Rainbow Grocery, none of which had them in supply.


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  1. I've been told to buy my own kefir lime tree. It's also hard to find.

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    1. re: Kim Cooper

      The name of the tree has been changed at a lot of nurseries from Kaffir to Kieffer Lime. Maybe that will help.

      1. re: wally

        If you go the farmers market on alemany on saturday's there is a guy at the entrance who sells fresh potted herbs and plants. You can buy a kaffir lime tree plant for $10, they grow to a height of 8ft apparently so if you have a back yard that might be an idea. The tree plant that he has have approx. 15-20 leaves already growing on it so compared with some of the upmarket store prices selling dry leaves at crazy prices you are already saving. If I had a garden I would defintely buy one.

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          I've been growing a kaffir lime tree on my balcony for almost two years now. Comes in handy at least once a week. Any reasonable nursery carries them nowadays. I got mine at the Half Moon Bay Nursery on Hwy. 92. Cost about $35 for a substantial tree and was worth every penny.

    2. This may be a bit far for you to travel, but Berkeley Bowl has kaffir lime leaves. I got some yesterday...

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      1. re: chita d.

        yup. I did the same, then I freeze the unused portion. They keep well.

      2. There's a stand at the Heart of the City farmers' market that has them. The market is Sundays and Wednesdays at UN Plaza / Civic Center. It's a large stand, and I think it's just to the west of where Leavenworth St dead-ends into UN Plaza, right where the live-chicken truck is.

        1. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate the help!

          1. I found this website:


            and went to Battambang Market at 339 Eddy St. in SF tenderloin.

            Very small, ingredients did not seem very fresh, but they had kaffir lime leaves and limes, fresh turmeric, and galaganal. Cash only.