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Oct 19, 2007 07:04 AM

Something new or different near verizon ctr

I have to drop my kid off at the ball game-when I am down near there I always end up at either Zaytinya or Rosa mexicano. There is a lot in that area, but nothing is jogging my mind. Want a nice room for drinks and apps. Any thoughts?

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  1. There are a lot of options in that area. First on my list would be the lounge at PS7. Depending on when you are going to be in the area you might even hit their Happy Hour special where most of the drinks are around $5 and the food is cheap as well. My personal favorite is the tuna tartar sliders, but their petite house made hot dog platter and the beet salad is also good.

    While it's close to impossible to find a seat at the bar, you might be able to get a table at Proof. You can enjoy lots of different wines by the glass and I love, love, love their gnocchi appetizer. When I ordered it I had wish I had gotten 3 plate fulls. They also have cheese and charcuterie plates.

    Option #3 on my list would be the bar at Zola. Again my favorite appetizer is the tuna tartar (yes I know it's over done and on every menu but I love it and it's especially delicious at Zola).

    Other ideas, try to grab a seat at the bar at Matchbox and get a salad and a plate of sliders, or the bar at Acadiana for a bottle of Dixie Beer and their trio of deviled eggs, amazing biscuits, and fried green tomatoes.

    In this area there is so many options, I'm sure you will find something delicious and fun.

    1. Think I can bring a (contained) baby to PS7? I have been wanting to go there but have been a bit leery. Baby will be in stroller and probably asleep.

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        I don't see why not. Obviously timing might matter in terms of noise. But the times I've been to the lounge it hasn't been overly crowded and therefore not too noisy. They also have couch-like areas where you can sit down and park your stroller. The space is really big in the bar/lounge area, so it shouldn't be too bad. It certainly would be easier to bring a stroller to PS7 then most of the other places listed above (other option would be Acadiana...which has a larger bar area but tends to be more crowded).

        There is also an outside, covered patio area where you can order off of the lounge menu so that's always an option as well if the weather clears up a bit.

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          Thanks Elyssa that is really helpful.

      2. The lounge at Poste (Hotel Monaco) has a bar menu and is a great space for hanging out, especially if the weather is nice and you can enjoy the very spacious patio.

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        1. Thanks everyone. We ended up going to Proof because there was a table in the lounge visible. It was great. There were these lovely goat cheese ravioli with meatballs that were to die for, a foie gras with a ice wine aspic that was also lovely.