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Oct 19, 2007 05:58 AM

St. John's Bakery

I was at St. John's Bakery yesterday and noticed they had pastries and cookies. When I have gone in the past there have only been bread and the odd pound cake. On this visit there were shortbread cookies, apple tarts of varying sizes, chocolate and oatmeal cookies, and small pastries. Has anyone tried their sweets? I really enjoy their bread, particularly the walnut raisin loaft, so I just stuck with that. Are the other things worth trying?

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  1. Well from what I've heard the bakery is trying to expand a little into different types of baked goods, I'd suggest you'd try them and tell them what you think so they could maybe improve on them.

    1. During the summer, they were selling wild blueberry scones that were to die for. We managed to snag a couple from their stand at the Brickworks Market, neither of which survived the trip home. Perfect texture, not too dry, and with just the right amount of sweetness to match up with a cup of coffee.

      Mind you, blueberry season is long past now, but I'm sure they'll have switched to a different flavour that's more seasonally appropriate or are using frozen blueberries to bridge the gap. Two giant thumbs up.

      1. I suspect that anything they do would be good. I got a loaf of the banana bread a couple weeks ago from the Brickworks market and it was absolutely fabulous!