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Oct 19, 2007 05:36 AM

Sticky buns from Henrietta's

Does anyone know whether the killer sticky buns that you can get up in Dwight (near Huntsville) at Henrietta's and the Dwight Market are available anywhere closer to Toronto? These are not the sticky buns that you find in coffee shops and bakeries here (which are the cinnamon-y, glazed kind, sometimes with pecans). The ones up north are soft and chewy and basically soaking in a butter and brown sugar sauce. There's very little cinnamon, if any. These are a summer ritual for me, whether it's picking up some on the way to Algonquin Park or having friends pick up a dozen to bring back to me in Toronto. I haven't found anything quite like them in Toronto and wanted to introduce piccola (who just moved here from NYC) to the joys of sticky buns.

piccola, if you do make a weekend road trip, here's the info for Henrietta's and the Dwight Market:

R.R. #1 Dwight ON P0A 1H0
(705) 635-2214

Dwight Market
(705) 635-2551

I usually call ahead an order a dozen. In the summer, they can't keep the sticky buns stocked, so you need to reserve them. Not sure what it's like in the fall.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that this place is still around! My parents used to always pick up a 1/2 dozen on our way into Algonquin Park when we went camping, as a reward for not fighting during the 3 hour drive up there.

    1. Hey TorontoJo,

      Thanks for the tip. I'm adding them to my to-eat list. Anything else worthwhile at the Dwight Market? If I'm going on a road trip, might as well maximize the benefits...