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Oct 19, 2007 05:06 AM

Washington / Hudson Heights delivery?

I'm looking at apartments up around W. 181 through W. 190 west of Broadway...... am I insane for needing to know what my delivery options would be if we lived there? There seem to be so few food establishments on the 2 "main" streets (181 and 187) and I'm not sure if the Bway places 20 blocks up or down will deliver........Anyone know?

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Thanks MMRuth..... I did a search before posting and saw the first link and then a bunch of outdated ones.....

      It seems like the rest of the neighborhood, things are constantly evolving...... do you live up there?

      If anyuone lives up there and has personal experience w/ delivery or local restos, I'd love to hear...

    2. Hi Susan,
      I live around 170/Ft. Wash, so a bit further south than you're looking, but we order from Empire (Chinese and sushi) on 168th and Broadway, Exclusive Pizza on 181, Sushi Yu on 181. Those are our regular spots. And a lot of the restaurants further up or down will deliver for a nominal fee ($1-2). We get menus all the time for places on the UWS and in Inwood.