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Oct 19, 2007 03:22 AM

Breakfast in Tawas or Oscoda (MI)

Well, we're going Up North to do some leaf peeping this weekend and staying at Tawas State Park, We've gone up every fall for years and have YET to find anyplace decent in Tawas for breakfast. By decent, I mean just your basic 2 eggs over medium with hashbrowns and meat--no fancy stuff. It seems like every place we try the meat is funky or the service is slow (even by Up North standards) or it's smoky.

We will definitely travel to Harrisville Saturday morning for breakfast at the Flour Garden, and it is WELL worth the drive, but Sunday we want to eat in or near Tawas/Oscoda. Anybody have a suggestion?

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  1. Probably too late for your trip but if you get this, try Wiltse's in Oscoda for breakfast. Been going up there for 26 years and have been having breakfast there for many of them. Just good eats.

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      Thanks, I didn't realize Wiltse's did breakfast, we've been there for lunch and it was good. We'll try them next time. We ate this morning at Mama's Place just south of Oscoda and it was fine.

      We had breakfast at Flour Garden in Harrisville Saturday and for the first time in the 7-8 years we've been going there, we were slightly disappointed. It was OK, but not as good as they used to be. The potatoes were ordinary, the toast was "buttered" with industrial butter-like substance, and my DH's omelet was overcooked. I don't know what's up, ownership hasn't changed.

      We were very dismayed at the sight of several closed restaurants in Tawas. The economic downturn downstate must be hitting them doubly hard. I wish I had the money to buy a cottage...tons for sale.

      This was definitely the weekend for peak colors!

    2. Can't help you with Oscoda , we have a place up in Lincoln . If you're there try the Backwoods Bistro for weekend brunch , on Barlow road across from the Kris Mart . Or The Iron Skillet on the west side of town for old school big breakfast .