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Oct 19, 2007 01:15 AM

New in Santa Monica

Just moved to Santa Monica to be near the beach. Any recommendations for amazing meals? I'm pretty open to any kind of food.

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  1. Via Veneto
    Tacos Por Favor
    Bay Cities
    Father's Office
    Still haven't tried it, but it gets great reviews is Abode
    Technically west LA, but still close: Monte Alban, Nanbankan, Orris

    1. Add to above with
      Catch (others here don't love it, I always have a great meal)
      Abode for sure
      Chaya Venice
      Locanda Portofino

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      1. re: yogachik

        Nankaban? I think not! It's average in my estimation.

        1. re: compucook

          I disagree. Nanbankan is a real treat. They have been around for more than 20 years and there is a good reason for that. They have great tempura and the meats are varied and delicious. Sit at the bar if you can and don't forget to make reservations.

        2. re: yogachik

          also add:

          la serenata de garibaldi
          the hump

        3. Hi TravelJack - welcome to Santa Monica. I have to second Via Veneto's (the best restaurant on Main Street) and Capo (the best restaurant on Ocean Ave.). I'm also a big fan of Chinois On Main, Ivy At The Shore, and Michaels's.

          1. Top 3:
            1) Musha
            2) Musha
            3) Musha


            Give Wahoo's Fish Tacos a try for a casual lunch place if you're new to LA. JiRaffe or Capo for nice, high-end meal. Sushi King on Wilshire is your go-to sushi place. Go to Hama in Venice for a step up in sushi atmosphere. Bay Cities is your sandwich place. Wait for Joe's pizza to open for your pizza fix. Ma'Kai actually has great food for a meal with cocktails/happy hour. Santa Monica seafood is your seafood store. La Playita hole-in-the-wall Mexican seafood on Lincoln in Venice. Library Ale House for fried chicken. Lare's, Don Antonio's, Casablanca, or La Cabana are your sit-down Mexican best bets. Try all the restaurants on Abbot Kinney in Venice. Haven't had much luck with Chinese or Thai in SM so can't be much help here.

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            1. re: ElJeffe

              To add to your list..

              Monte Alban
              Fritto Misto
              Hidden on Main
              3 Square
              Renee's Courtyard Cafe
              Gilbert's El Indio
              Babablu's Banana Cream Pie
              Bread and Porridge
              Snug Harbor
              La Vecchia Cucina
              Caffe Luxxe for a good espresso and pastry
              Tudor House for custard tarts, afternoon tea, and malteasers :)
              For thai, your best bet is Thai Boom in Venice
              The Novel Cafe

              1. re: Emme

                Funny because I just moved from Culver City and really liked Thai Boom. It's not mind blowing but you get great value. I ordered a lot of delivery from that place.

            2. Thanks all for the great suggestions! I've got quite a list here. Tried Father's Office, Musha, Josie's, Warsaza, Monte Alban and the Hump already, still got a long ways to go. The King's Head fish n chips are pretty good too.