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Where can i find decent priced king crab legs in LA?

Last weekend i purchased some at my local stater bros for 10.99 per pound and they were really good but im sure i could find some even fresher in a specialty market? Any one know of a place? something not horribly expensive (i went to neptunes net earlier this month and they were 25 a pound and they didnt even look fresh,what the hell?) im in the Downey area by the way.

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  1. so far i think ill go to Vons...8 a pound 16-20 size

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      Even better at Vons is the 5-9 size at $9.99/lb.

    2. Not sure if you have a big Japanese market in Downey, but I saw them at the Mitsuwa in Downtown for a good price. Maybe in the 7-8 range.

      1. If there is a Costco in your area the weekend Seafood Roadshow has crab legs at a good price.

        1. I don't believe you'll have much luck looking for "fresher" legs. Those available here are almost invariably frozen. But I second the Costco option. Their legs are huge and well priced. Check availability though, I think they only offer them every other weekend. At least I think that's true of the Van Nuys Costco.

          1. Third Costco. Only on weekends though.

            1. Albertsons This Week!
              Colossal King Crab Legs.,
              Largest in the Marketplace $9.99 Lb

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                I'm 0-for-3 with Albertson's king crab. Not so fresh. Santa Monica seafood has excellent, but pricey, king crab.

              2. When you say "fresh," what do you mean? I have seen live king crab for sale, but the only legs I've ever seen for sale are frozen / defrosted. Crab, like most crustaceans, won't hold when dead and uncooked. It has to be frozen or quickly becomes toxic.

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                  Yep, even the best King Crab you have in restaurants has always been frozen

                2. regarding costco. the last several weeks, the three stores that i frequent (burbank, irwindale & atwater) have not had the seafood roadshow. i finally asked the butcher at the burbank store when the next show was scheduled and he told me that costco is "re-thinking" the entire roadshow concept.

                  have other stores had the show in the last couple of weeks? does anyone have any input on this? thanx.

                  btw: 3rd albertsons.

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                    The Culver City MDR location has had it.

                  2. Food4Less...$6.98 a pound. Don't know the quality though? Jumbo size.