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Oct 18, 2007 09:40 PM

Prague - Traditional and Modern Eats?

If heading to Prague in December and I'm interested in having one czech meal and one meal in a modern/trendy restaurant. Price doesn't matter.

For the Czech meal I'm thinking a small, cozy restaurant (something kind of romantic and family run, but still lively, casual and not stuffy - my friend and I are in our mid 20s and this will probably be a precursor to checking out the night life). So far I've come up with Cerný Kohout, U Modre Kachincky, David, and Století.

For the modern restaurant I'm looking for a scene and good food. Nothing that would feel too serious or fancy (trying to keep the mood light, happy, and playful). Pravda (the more casual room), Square, and Kampa Park keep popping up with very mixed reviews. - but La Scene, Dynamo, Le Bistrot de Marlène, and Nostress look really good too. So does Barock but I'm not sure how I feel about Asian cuisine in Prague..

La Degustation looks amazing but I'm not sure if my companion is up for committing that much time for dinner (we're only there for two nights!)

Any thoughts about my picks or other ideas would be really appreciated! Thank you!

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  1. I was in Prague a month ago. I went to Kampa Park and Square. Both are owned by the Kampa Group, as is La Provence. Kampa is definitely fancy, but can be festive and has a great view of the Charles Bridge. Ask for a terrace table (it's covered, so it won't be cold). Square was pretty dead, but it was a Sunday. I thought the food at all three was serviceable, though not outstanding. But they were the better meals I had in Prague. Kampa Park is definitely more expensive than the other two. La Provence was nice, I liked the atmosphere. It's French bistro food.