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Oct 18, 2007 08:50 PM

Cambria & environs

My husband and I are taking off for Cambria for the weekend for a much needed R&R, mostly rest! We've spent a little time there....had meals at Robins, Sea Chest, the Thai restaurant downtown, had coffee at the cute coffee place on Main St (?) at the north end of town....but are looking for interesting, local and comfy food this time. We want this trip to be relaxing, casual, regenerative. Driving to neighboring burroughs is a possibility, but close to our B&B would be best. My husband is prone to biscuits and gravy, while I care most about local, fresh, healthy food. He would prefer the best chicken pot pie, whereas I would appreciate a well-composed and dressed salad with a fresh piece of seafood. Any suggestions where we both might be satisfied? Ambience...simple, nurturing, and relaxing. It's mostly about getting away from our Santa Cruz rat race....something to take us away..... As always, I appreciate Chowhounders' thoughts.....

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  1. Try Black Cat Bistro & the Sow's Ear in town. If you don't mind driving to Paso, we loved Artisan, although there wasn't any pot pie there. I think Linn's has reopened a cafe in town, they had a pot pie, I believe. The restaurant at Cambria Pines Lodge is quite good, also.

    1. Cambria Pines Lodge

      Hamlet at Moonstone Gardens

      Sow's Ear

      Wild Ginger

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        Nice to see you are suggesting the Cambria Pines Lodge. For so long it was getting such horrible press, we erased it from our list.
        We like Hamlet for lunch on a sunny day. Love to sit in the back yard/patio area. They have good hamburgers and brisket.
        The Sow's Ear is our favorite. They have a site so you can check their menu. Ask to sit in the front area (room) when you make your res., more atmospheric, I think.

      2. Yes, the Sea Chest is always a "must have" when we visit Cambria but sounds like you've been there-done that. Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill has great Fish Tacos, Salads and yummy chowder! Linn's in town should be rebuilt now after the fire...but if not, try their little cafe around the corner. Creekside cafe is always tasty - just a humble little restaurant with consistent, good food.

        1. Pines Lodge is excellent and Creekside cafe is great for breakfast. Manta Rey in San Simeon is very very good (much better than Sea Chest). We were disappointed during our last visit to Sow's Ear, but they do have excellent lobster pot pie and also serve chicken and dumplings and chicken fried steak for your husband. There should be some items there you will enjoy. Seriously...stop by Boni's Tacos (a little family owned taco truck) that is there on weekends near the B of A. Don't miss it...the Carne Asada tacos are awesome.

          1. Interestingly, there might be only three restaurants in town that have an ocean view. Mentioned from memory (and north to south) The Hamlet, Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill, and Sea Chest.
            Enjoy your visit.