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Oct 18, 2007 08:13 PM

Babbo Sunday walkin - how long will we wait?

My wife and I have no reservations for this Sunday evening, but we want to go anyway. Suppose we arrive at 6pm on Sunday, and don't care whether we eat at the bar or the walk-in tables, how long will we have to wait?


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    1. Try calling and see if you can pick up a last min cx. Also try one of the online booking sites. You may get lucky.

      1. If you plan on getting there @ 6pm you can practically ensure a table near the bar or a spot at the bar by arriving 15-30 minutes earlier. The wine bar portion of Babbo opens @ 5pm and the restaurant opens @ 5:30pm so that extra 15-30 minutes makes a big difference in your wait. Essentially unless you are lucky you will have to wait for people who are seated btw 5:30-5:55pm to eat their meal so it's worth it to get there a little bit earlier.

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          Last Saturday I drove past Babbo at 4:45 and there were 20 people lined up outside. I've seen similar things in the past.

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            Note that on Sunday Babbo's bar opens at 4:30 and the dining room opens at 5:00.