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Looking for Italian in Burbank?

Heading to Burbank in 3 weeks. Are there any good Italian restaurants in the Burbank vicinity. We are coming from NYC and its our first time out there. Looking forward!!

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      I just might!!! After all, I am 15 minutes from Arthur Avenue!

    2. I would go to Prosecco in Burbank adjacent Toluca Lake. It is a small place with some great food.

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        Thankyou, our trip may be put on hold due to the fires but i will write this one down,

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          It's honestly not that bad -- still a bit of ash falling but the fires themselves have been confined to the canyons at this point.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            It is if you have respiratory problems.

            1. re: maxzook

              I do, and I'm home, and it's worse than usual but not unbearable. In any case, I haven't been up to Burbank, I've been visiting my usual haunts down here first.

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                I live in L.A. and work in North Hollywood -- I take the Red Line to work -- and Wednesday and Thursday were hell until the winds changed. The last few days have been better, esp. yesterday when I was able to stay indoors and catch up on my sleep.

                In any event, no reason the fires should put a damper on anythimg unless you were directly affected. I'm going to San Diego next weekend, as it happens.

      2. If you are coming from NYC, I'd skip the Italian. You get great Italian where you are. Try some real Szechuan in the SGV. Or some traditional Oaxacan/Mexican in a variety of places.

        1. Nice northern Italian at Ca' del Sole, 5 minutes from Burbank in North Hollywood, near Universal Studios.

          1. Ca'del Sole and Prosecco are both solid Italian choices for the Burbank area. I've been to both and can vouch for both, with an edge towards Ca'del Sole - 4100 Cahuenga Blvd. There's also Market City Cafe at 164 E. Palm Ave. However, if you want great, go to Glendale, just a hop skip and a jump east from Burbank, and dine at FAR NIENTE - 204 N. Brand Blvd. The best Minestrone Soup, perfect fried calamari, fantastic pastas, and a wide variety of specials on the weekends. If you go on a Sunday, they usually have my favorite, lasagna. So good. Enjoy!!

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              JoeyCannoli.. skip it go with what we have here.. Sushi, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, ethnic whatever. But Italian you will be dissapointed. Its Like going to Rome and looking for a Taco. Maybe you will find one but you have a much better chance in Mexico..

            2. If you've absolutely got to have Italian in Burbank (honestly, follow others' advice and eat what we do best -- there's not that many Italians around here). That said, Ca' del Sole and Prosecco are fine for higher-end Italian. Tony's Bella Vista and Pinocchio's are across Magnolia from each other and have red-sauce Italian-American food (Tony's is better, Pinocchio's is faster and cheaper). Market City Caffe is OK but very salty, ditto Pomodoro outside the mall. Best pizza is at Dino's (Burbank/Hollywood Way) or Ameci (Glenoaks/Orange Grove) or North End (Orange Grove/San Fernando).

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                DOWNHILL ALERT posted for Dino's! Horrible service! Pies getting worse and worse. And $6 for a draft beer in a drabby pizza joint?

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                  ditto w das ubergeek! but if you must, ca'del sole is not bad at all...

                2. would like to strongly 2nd "far niente" in glendale (the town immediately east of burbank). excellent italian from the cinque terra (sp?) area. the owner goes back home annually to catch up on anything new from there. (he just got back 2-3 weeks ago.) great food and service.

                  1. Agree with all the Italian-in-Burbank recs upthread, but as others have said you're just not going to find anything in the vicinity to compare to what you're used to. However, if your definition of Italian includes pizza, and you're willing to try the ultimate definition of pizza on the left coast, go to Caioti Pizza Cafe in adjacent Studio City.

                    Caioti is the province of Ed LaDou, Wolfgang Puck's first pizza chef from the original Spago, who also "consulted" on the CPK menu, although he probably shouldn't be held responsible for what happened with that ... ;)

                    Caioti is his first solo effort, and it's legendary for unique pies with wonderful crusts, and a surprisingly well-rounded menu -- their gorgonzola-and-balsamic salad acquired a bizarre reputation for inducing labor in pregnant women (yeah, only in L.A.)

                    If, on the other hand, nothing but red-sauce-and-meat-lasagna will do, Caioti is across the street from Vitello's, which doesn't deserve being best known for this:


                    Caioti Pizza Cafe
                    4346 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

                    Vitello's Restaurant
                    4349 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604

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                      Caioti is okay, but please don't come from NYC and choose to go to this place. Maximize your time here.

                      As said, if you must do Italian, and it *must* be in Burbank, then I concur with Ca' del Sole. However, I'd seriously suggest considering going over the hill for other opportunities.

                      I also agree that you should consider hitting up Mexican, Thai, and sushi.. You could even (if you don't mind the drive) head out to Babita, and you're very near both Thai in North Hollywood, and great sushi up in Studio City (Tama, Katsuya, etc.).

                      Since we don't know if you will have a car or are willing to drive, I'll hold off on any more recs...

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                        JoeyCannoli, I am going to take a stab here from the basis of your handle. Skip Ca del Sole and the other mentions in this thread. Its not the red sauce Italian that you are use to having on or near Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. Its a total waste of your time and effort seeking a suitable experience here in Los Angeles. However if you a willing to bring me some cookies I may take you to dinner for something that you may not find in NYC.. I grew up in Staten Island and just think I am reading into your desires . If I am wrong and you want a white table cloth high end experience then go to Valentino in Santa Monica. This is much different than Patsys and others in NYC. Fellow Hounds sorry if I took a strong position here. Perhaps I am just longing for that NYC kind of Italian..

                        Valentino (Santa Monica)
                        3115 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405

                    2. Therre is a wonderful homestyle Italian restaurant called Bellavista on Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. Pastat is good as are the sauces and the pizzas are huge. Good tomatosauce and lots of cheese.

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                        I want to thank everyone who helped me with this. I do want to add that we went to MONTE CARLO for lunch one day and it was ok, however the supermarket part of it was impressive. We also ate at Bella Vista which I enjoyed. It reminded me of an old Italian place that has not been modernized since the day they opened,(Im assuming at least 30+ years ago) which has a charm unto itself. Lastly we ate at Vitello's which was quite impressive as well. I must say that these places were better than expected.

                        1. re: JoeyCannoli

                          The supermarket side of Monte Carlo kept me from having to drive to Arcadia to Claro's when I lived in the Valley. There's no better lunch in summer than some of their bresaola cut so thin you can see through it, with Parmigiano, lemon and olive oil, and some arugula salad atop.