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Oct 18, 2007 06:47 PM

LA area Christmas Lunch/Dinner

My wife and I are British expats spending our first christmas alone here in sunny SoCal. We live in Marina Del Rey and would like to go somewhere upscale/glamorous/flashy (without sacrificing food quality) for Christmas Dinner, as we Brits would call it. Within reason, price is not an issue. I know she'd like to go to a flash hotel like the BH or the Wishire. Any other suggestions gratefully received.


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  1. Try --

    Ritz Carlton - Marina Del Rey
    Shutters - Santa Monica

    1. We like the Ritz in Pasadena (Huntington).

      1. The Bel Air Hotel is lovely and the food is quite good.

        1. The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills (doheny) has the BEST christmas buffet! My husband is English and almost had tears in his eyes when he saw their homemade mince pies!

          1. Peninsula hotel in BHills. This is luxe at its finest and the food does not take a back seat.