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Oct 18, 2007 06:17 PM

Best late-night dining on mainline

Is anything decent open after 10pm on the mainline? Specifically interested in the upper mainline berwyn/paoli, but will travel for good food after 10pm:)

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  1. As a transplanted New Yorker now in Narberth I've had this problem for years. "Decent" hasn't been my criteria, but rather "open and serving food". And it helps if the staff isn't looking at their watches. I'm further east than you, so - don't snort - Gullifty's next to the Bryn Mawr Borders has often been our go-to fallback after 10. Great beer selection and safe food from a large menu (vs the often seen "limited late" menu). Sometimes they have an open mic night which can blast your eardrums (unless you're in your 20's and have teflon ears), so we ask to sit in the upstairs section. I, too, welcome other suggestions.

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      I too, am a transplanted NYer in Merion and can more than empathize! If looking near Berwyn, try Nectar (pricey for these parts but good)

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        I just had a delicious dinner at Flemings in Radnor last Saturday night. They were serving up to 11 pm (now maybe that is only on Saturday nights -- I am not sure.)
        I am pretty sure Nectar is also open till later as well.

    2. Teresa's next door serves food pretty late.

      1. I think Fellini's in Paoli serves until 10

        1. I'm pretty sure the Pub at Penn Valley on Montgomery Ave. still has late-night fare.

          1. Thanks for all the responses. Since we were going out around 10:30 we had to use squashchick's criteria ("open and serving food") and went to TJ's everyday in paoli. I've been to gulifty's and found the food comparable to tj's (mediocre at best), but my husband was thrilled with (what seemed to be) over a hundred beer selections. I've been to all the other suggested places including the original theresa's (but not theresa's next door) for a non late-night meal. I hope to get to theresa's next door on my next late night dinner quest. Hopefully it will be good so I'll have a decent fallback place. In any event, my search still continues.

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              I think Great American Pub in Wayne is open past midnight on the weekend. Great burgers and even better wings - can't beat that.