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Oct 18, 2007 05:53 PM

Sauce for chocolate surprise

... the surprise being what the chocolate dessert will be!

For my anniversary I am making (an admittedly odd but cute tradition of) cheese fondue. For dessert, I want to make something that doesn't center around dairy (panna cotta, my hubby's favorite key lime pie, ice cream, any custard-like thing is out). And my love of chocolate lures me in that direction.

My current thought is a flourless chocolate cake with some sort of sauce.

What kind of sauce? Ideas please?

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  1. The classic would be raspberry (though it's by no means the only good choice - all fruit goes well with chocolate!). Thaw a bag of frozen raspberries and puree with a bit of sugar. Strain to get out the seeds, if texture is something you're attuned too. Super, super easy.

    If you weren't wedded to the flourless cake idea, my first thought was some kind of layered meringue concoction, like a dacquoise (basically, layers of some kind of nutty meringue and chocolate ganache). This might make a nice counterpoint to the fondue, both in texture and, if you were to serve it frozen, in temperature as well. You'd have some cream in the ganache, but otherwise no dairy and no flour, so it would be relatively light.

    Happy anniversary!

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      That is funny - dacquoise was exactly what one of my best friends suggested! I'll have to look into it more... seems daunting...

      1. re: laurendlewis

        The dacquoise isn't really hard to make - unless it's miserably humid as it is in NYC right now! Sounds delicious to me.

    2. I think that a nice change from the usual raspberry is a citrus sauce. Chocolate and orange love each other. I'd just cook up some sugar with butter just until it melts (you don't want hard caramel!), throw in some Grand Marnier and let it cook for a second, and finish it with a splash of cream. It'll be excellent.

      1. Here's a link to RLB's Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte from The Cake Bible.

        As I've mentioned before on this board, this dessert once got me a marriage proposal. It's positively decadent. And I nearly always serve it with a raspberry sauce almost exactly like the one described above by chloe103. I put the berries through a food mill to get rid of the seeds and add a bit of lemon juice. I find it sparks the raspberry flavor. I often add a bit of framboise or Chambord as well, and add a few whole raspberries for decoration.