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Oct 18, 2007 05:32 PM

Asheville Jewish Food Festival

This coming Sunday is the Jewish Food Festival in Asheville. Here is the web page: for more info. We went a couple of years ago and loved it! The pastrami sandwich, potato pancakes and blintzes were incredible! The only dish I thought was mediocre was the Matzoh Ball Soup.

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  1. As someone living in a city with a sizeable Jewish population (Atlanta), I am so jealous that you have a Jewish Food Festival!!!!!

    We have a Greek Festival, even a Scandanavian Festival, but no Jewish Food Festival.

    Jealous. Enjoy!

    1. on the weekend when i'll actually be in Asheville overnight! Huzzah!

      1. Shoot! How could they time it on the last weekend of the Fair? And if Asheville can put it together, Raleigh, what are you waiting for?!

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        1. my wife and i checked out the hardlox festival yesterday.

          the pastrami and corned beef were excellent and very good, respectively. in the future, i'll know to go the hotdog stand and get some sauerkraut for the corned beef. the cole slaw that came with the sandwiches was tangy and tasty.

          the kugel was just so-so. too heavily spiced.

          the blintzes were decent. i wasn't fond of the cottage cheese in them, as the curds were tough and distracting. flavor was good.

          black & white cookies. these were more like yellow cake. i prefer a lemony cookie with a cake-like texture. not a huge difference, but enough that i didn't appreciate these. very similar to sister mcmullens', which aren't quite as good, and i don't care for either.

          kosher beef hotdog. very good dog, and tasty sauerkraut.

          prices seemed pretty reasonable by festival standards.

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          1. re: mark

            We tried to go but the parking/logistical situation was ridiculous. We got into 2 deadend situations because they had blocked off the roads but w/ no signage or police presence. There was a line of cars behind us, all trying to go down to Wall St garage and then everyone had to turn around. It was a big mess. I wrote to the Festival organizers. Maybe they can do a better job next year.

            1. re: leahinsc

              fwiw, goombay, greek and latin fetivals are all better food-wise, so you didn't miss one of the really good ones in that respect. i figured traffic would be bad with the craft show and hardlox at the same time and nearly the same place and given asheville's typically lackadaisical approach to traffic control, so we parked on the other side of 240 and hoofed it over; only had to walk 1/4 mile, and no problem finding a spot.

            2. re: mark

              re:"decent blintzes"

              For some reason, you just can't get pot cheese anymore. That would have made a difference in the blintzes. Cottage cheese is not the right cheese but you have to make due with what you can find. Farmer cheese might have been a better choice.

              I've had to completely change my kugel recipe due to the complete absence of pot cheese. Progress? Feh.

              1. re: rockycat

                i simply assumed the cottage cheese was a low cost way to extend the recipe. but i can totally understand if availability is the issue (my personal bane is finding italian ingredients). maybe ricotta or queso blanco might work, maybe even a mild goat cheese (although i'll be the first to admit that i'm not the one to ask regarding kosher)?

                i'm not familair with "pot cheese", at least by that name. i'm assuming you've tried the obvious like greenlife and earth fare, but have you tried ference cheese on merriman or the european market on patton?

                1. re: mark

                  Before this digression gets moved off the board...
                  Pot cheese is an extended member of the cottage cheese family, with larger, drier curds and a somehow sweeter taste. I've never seen it outside of the NY area, mostly in Jewish neighborhoods. I'm in the Triangle so I'm not familiar with the stores you're mentioning, other than Earth Fare.

                  If you get to the Triad or the Triangle there are some okay options for Italian ingredients. What specifically are you looking for?