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Oct 18, 2007 05:02 PM

Japanese Butterfish, any info?

My wife and I are big fans of a Japanese sushi pub called the Saki House on La Brea near 8th. We recently tried their grilled butterfish and had our minds blown. It was my first time trying that type of fish and I couldn't believe a whitefish could have so much flavor. Is it commonly on Japanese menus and I've just been missing out? Anyone know another place I should go to try it? Preferably near Downtown or Koreatown? I'm also wondering if it is something I could get at a market, say Kings in Glendale?

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  1. Roy's, downtown: misoyaki butterfish. mmm mm

    Roy's Restaurant
    800 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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      I've had Roys. It was good, but I thought the sauce overpowered the taste. Don't get me wrong, I'd eat it again.

      But I'd rather go to BRUDDAHS's for butterish. Either the shoyu (which is good...) or the GRILLED. Christ the grilled butterfish is delicious.

      8 bucks!!!!!!

    2. Red Seven, Wolfgang Puck's new place at the PDC has butterfish. They're only open for lunch right now though, but it's worth the trip. The food is really good!

      1. Called black cod or sable fish.
        You can get it at Fish King in Glendale or Japanese markets like Marukai or Mitsuwa will have it.

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          The Chowhound Team split a tangential discussion about this fish species to the General Topics board:

          Please respond over there if you'd like to discuss the fish in general terms. Please respond here to discuss where to find it in the Los Angeles area

        2. most sushi places (trad) and izakaya places will make it.
          try mori on pico, shibucho on beverly, and izayoi on central.

          if you want to buy it at kings, or whole foods or santa monica seafood, ask for "black cod".
          and buy a good cookbook.

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            Listen to monku. There is plain butterfish and miso-marinated butterfish and Marukai or Mitsuwa markets. If you get the plain, just take a simple soy sauce and sugar marinade. Marinade it for a few minutes, and then slow pan fry until done. Cheaper and great.

          2. Just got back on-line after being down for a bit. Thanks to all for the tips. Looks like I'm off to King's Seafood.

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              It's so delicious! I would not get the miso-marinated, I would add my own miso paste before cooking. I actually pan roast it in liquid, like some vegetable broth or even green tea. It has a texture and flavor that can't be matched.