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Oct 18, 2007 04:51 PM

Chinese Dumplings

Any thoughts from people on where to get the best dumplings in this neck of the woods?

While I am a fan of the Japanese style Gyoza, I am interested in the hearty thick skinned Chinese variety.

We have become obsessed with slightly grotty Sea Bay on Pitt Street, Sydney (aside from people not bothering to close the sliding door!) for almost perfectly unctious chewy crispy fried pork and their tasty steamed vegetarian ones too.

Any places in Sydney, Melbourne or wherever?

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  1. cho dumpling king (thomas st haymarket)
    Blue EYE dragon (Harris st, pyrmont)

    I am not sure of the ones at grain tea rice noodle now that it has been sold (used to be same owners as blue eye dragon, cheaper in style)

    the dumplings made by "jin fung goy" - leaf shaped motif on the pack, are great and not full of MSG, chicken powder etc. these can be found at some asian supermarkets and stocks them

    1. Dumpling King in Box Hill
      572 Station St
      Box Hill 3128 VIC
      Phone: (03) 9890 3719

      An unbelievable array of sumptuous morsels...I haven't been there in a while,so thanks for the jolt. Mr Goddess and I might have to go play this weekend.

      Chinatown Dumpling Restaurant
      Shop 3, 254 Swanston St,

      Muuuuuuuuch better than Camy's.

      1. I am obsessed with dumplings. The very best in Sydney (outside of Shanghai according to my chinese born friend) is at the super dodgdy looking place in China town, with fake grapes hanging from the ceiling, tucked in a little corner off thomas street haymarket. Now don't be fooled, next door is the 'dumpling king' - this is NOT the place. - you want the one next to this place.

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        1. re: katea

          agree that some of the dumpling there are excellent; I haven't been for a long time now, but there was something that put me off - i think there were some service/bill issues and some hygiene issues.

          I highly recommend the buying (for frozen to cook at home) jin fung goy. no msg on the ingredients list either!

        2. Chinese Handmade Noodle is the place to go.
          Katea I think this is the one you are talking about?

          The best dumplings ever. I think they put crack in them, soooo addictive!!

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          1. re: Katzilla

            the shame is I'm sure they put msg in them - seriously, you get a little high after them. I must admit I now have a few bags in my freezer - great to pop in the steamer with some veggies for an easy mid-week dinner.