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Oct 18, 2007 04:36 PM

Elements Kitchen Catering

Many people on this board rave about this company is Pasadena. I have called twice to see if I can come in to meet with someone. Both times I've been told "it's not a good time". Finally, I have an appointment for next week. The person helping me has twice emailed me menus for food I don't like. I have sent an email telling her so but get the same thing back again.

When I ask if she can send me a list of appetizers to choose from she says "no" everything is customized for the party. Then why do I keep getting sent the same 4 appetizers on my menu when I have repeatedly said I don't like them.

Do I have account assistant from hell? Is it worth trying to talk to someone else or should I just go elsewhere. Unfortunately when I call she answers the phone.

Does anyone have experience with this company and maybe another contact?

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  1. Just curious, how did this turn out? Did you stick with Elements or go with another catering company?

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      I'm not the original poster but as of last February the service from them was similar. We were looking to have catering done for our wedding reception for ~50 people buffet style.The menu options they came up with were quite tired and boring (oh really you want to do pasta for the vegetarians), we had the same issues as the OP with regards to them not changing the items we didn't like and they completely disregarded our budget (with the exclamation of "It's your wedding, it's not like you're actually paying for it!"). They wanted to charge us nearly $3k for "rentals" to set up a "kitchen" at our venue. Now if our venue hadn't been at Caltech a whole 2 miles away from their location I might have understood, but I found it quite annoying. Oh and then they wanted to charge a convenience fee for having them do the kitchen rentals in the first place. Argh. So that was $7k for two appetizer options, two entree options, one salad and one veg.

      We wound up going with Auntie Em's instead for less price, food people raved about and actual veggie options that weren't pasta (word of warning though- make sure they make as much veggie entree as the meats as our goat cheese filled roasted peppers disappeared fast as the meat lovers also loved them).

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        Thanks for the info. I will look into Auntie Em's and I'm also going to check out Clementine's for catering.