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Oct 18, 2007 04:35 PM

Noodle King Restaurant in Coleville/Silver Spring

For future search purposes, I decided to post a new thread under the name of the restaurant discussed here:

I returned after our first meal and decided to try some of the more Hong Kong style dishes. Spicy won ton were good in a nicely tangy, sweet soy based sauce. I should have added a little chili paste to give them more punch and they could have been a little hotter but they were good! The hit of the night was House Special Seafood in Hot Pot which was a large bowl of excellent broth, lots of very fresh and sprightly textured thin egg noodles (with none of the stickiness or mustiness that comes from sitting around too long) with loads of seafood: sirumi, fish balls, great scallops, shrimp and bits of fish. The only disappointment was no squid or conch or octopus for a chewy element. There was a nice amount of good Chinese greens in there as well. A little chili paste made for a perfect balance and I finished every drop. Service was again super friendly. Based on two visits, I would stay away from the pan Asian dishes and go for the more typical noodle house fare. I will be back. They deliver and are open till 10pm Sunday thru Thursday, and 11pm on Friday and Saturday.

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  1. Thanks for posting under the restaurant's name. This was quite helpful when I randomly drove by it.

    Yep, crossposting to keep both threads up to date. They now have a Chinese language menu, with among other things duck's blood (which is much easier to get in DC than in Boston where we only have icky pig's blood) and intestine.

    On the Chinese menu is salt and pepper soft tofu, which I ordered. It was indeed soft, battered before cooking, and had a generous amount (for S&P) of vegetables, mostly scallion with a bit of jalapeƱo. Like most S&P dishes, it could use a bit of huajiao, fortunately I have a grinder full of that in my car. I discovered fairly late in the game that there was a fair amount of oil in the bottom of the dish, which I'm sure would dismay many people, but which I was happy to sop up with the soft tofu. Which was, as I wanted it to be, SOFT, not that worthless normal tofu.

    I wasn't disappointed, though the preparation was not as polished as it might've been. I'd be happy to go back with a number of Chowhounds and a translation of the menus. If anyone wants to take a crack at translating them they can be found on FB.

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      Looks great! Jiaoyan XX doesn't usually include huajiao in my experience, but I agree that it tastes great! So smart to keep some extra in the car. I will try to get to posting menu translations later.

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        Pleco software doesn't help with the translation?

        1. re: Steve

          It does. I'm just lazy! :-/

          As for jiaoyan, I often see claims that the pepper-salt is made with huajiao.

      2. Finally tried this place and thought it was very good. Loved the shrimp dumplings in their soup. The Hong Kong fish was very nicely fried and topped with ground pork and onions. Nicely done. although I would like more heat and garlic - next time.

        The place was very friendly.