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Apr 16, 2006 12:17 PM

Shattuck Avenue Unmentionables- Thai Delight, Da Lian & Oriental Restaurant

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So any opinions. Out of the three only Thai Delight had one mention ... in 2001.

Thai Delight is organic Thai. It gets major thumbs up elsewhere. Here's the menu.

What about Da Lien? Again, positive mentiones elsewhere.

Link below is a question about Oriental Resturant near Phoenix Pastifico.

And ... on a different area of Shattuck at Ashby. Is there anything at Roxie Deli?


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  1. I used to go to Thai Delight quite often when I lived in the area and always enjoyed it. There are certainly better Thai places around, but it can be quite tasty - the pad kee mao is one of my favorite.

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      I believe I went into Roxie Deli once while waiting for my car to be fixed. I believe they sell rotisseried chickens and/or sandwiches made from same. I wasn't particularly impressed and just picked up my car from Model Garage and went to the Smokehouse up the street.

      I always thought The Oriental was one of those dollar Chinese places.

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      1. re: chocolatetartguy

        "I always thought The Oriental was one of those dollar Chinese places."

        Nothing of the sort! It's a difficult place to classify, but worth a try. The menu is enormous, riding the Vietnamese/Chinese/Berkeley-stir-fry boundary, most being simple stir-fry type combo dishes of the chef's own invention. He'll also modify any listed dish pretty much any way you want.

        I've been going there for 15 years. I love the place. Some things are so-so and some are really excellent for the price. By all means avoid the Chinese dishes! They're almost always disappointing. The Vietnamese food is very good. Stand-outs: the "chicken deep-cooked in a pot a la Vietnamese" is great -- but not to be confused with the other clay pot dishes, which are mediocre, in my experience. (They may have changed the name on that one. Just make sure it's got Vietnamese or lemon grass in the title.) Also on my fave list are the crispy prawns, wonderfully crunchily addictive. Six deep-fried, shell-on jumbo prawns, served over rice with a ginger dipping sauce and marinated carrot slices with a little lettuce and tomato on the side. (Not for the salt-wary, though.) The Saturday sidewalk BBQ is also excellent and a great bargain.

        1. re: Kitchen Imp

          Thanks so much for the tips on what to order. I really liked the Saturday BBQ. The owner seems so pleasant too. I'll give those dishes a try ... and the prices can't be beat.

          1. re: rworange

            I should have given one caveat -- it's actually been a couple years since I last ordered the Vietnamese claypot chicken, ever since I got addicted to the crispy prawns. Hopefully it's still as good as it was in the past!

            A good friend of mine swears by the crispy tofu, which replaces the prawns with deep-fried tofu cubes but includes the same dipping sauce etc. Another friend loves a fried noodle dish (I think it's called "combination fried noodle," but I'm not sure), which gives you an enormous nest of noodles with vegetables and seafood on top.

            I find the Vietnamese pancake a bit bland, but my parents love it.

            I used to order the "chicken eggplant soy sauce" (gotta love the names of dishes at this place!), which combines chicken deep-fried (but not breaded) in a strangely sweet glaze, stir-fried with similarly tangily sweet eggplant over rice. It's initially kind of odd, but I ate it regularly there for years. The same chicken appears in the chicken with bell pepper and baby corn, as I recall. That was mentioned as a fave by someone else on this board a while back.

            Part of what's great about these items is they're things that either would be time-consuming to make at home or that it would never occur to one to make in the first place.

            1. re: Kitchen Imp

              Hmmm ... can't believe it has been almost two years since I've been to Oriental Restaurant but I'm guessing it is one of those non changing places.

              Oriental Restaurant
              1782 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94709

      2. thai delight is very good, but their organic menu is separate and somewhat limited. i've eaten there twice and been pleaesd both times, but can't remember any details.

        (i also posted a short review of the oriental restaurant under that link).

        1. Thai Delight is my new favorite Thai Place in Berkeley. In terms of atmosphere, it's quiet and clean. I'd pick it over other N. Berkeley Thai places any day for that reason alone. The pumpkin curry has been excellent in recent visits and the silver noodles are also satisfying. There's a fried appetizer (can't recall the name) that is so good my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

          As for Roxie Deli, I believe there are actually two Berkeley locations. The other one is at the (often robbed) corner of Dwight and Ellsworth. I've ordered one sandwiches at each, a turkey on Dwight, at Ashby, a pastrami. Neither merited a second visit.

          1. One the good side, Thai Delight serves organic meat if you're interested in paying slightly more for it. I've been here once but was underwhelmed. It was fine, but nowhere as good as many of the great Thai restaurants of the East Bay.

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            1. re: katya

              Anyone been to any of these places recently? I went to Thai Delight on Saturday night and had some good dishes and some that were just meh.

              Chicken Satay - good, different than the usual, but good
              Grilled Beef Salad - very meh, too much fish sauce, not enough lettuce/veggies
              Basil Eggplant - good, leftovers good the next day too

              What are some of the other good Thai restaurants in the EB (Berkeley area). I used to like Hua Hin, but now its gone with Looney's in its place.

              1. re: chemchef

                Anchalee on Dwight, just west of San Pablo.

                1094 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA

                1. re: Joel

                  Just had dinner at Anchalee and found many dishes were quite good. The only disappointment was the level of spiciness , the waiter asked if medium was o.k. and I said medium plus would be better, the food could have been many degrees hotter for my liking. But, I do like my Thai spicy. The Kao Pad Koong (fried rice with chicken), steamed radish cakes and spicy pork with eggplant were excellent. The Green Papaya salad was tasty. The Massaman was a O.K. but the potatoes were slightly undercooked. The servings are generous and prices reasonable, dinner for two with 1 soda and 1 Shinga was $53, and enough leftovers for two or three lunches

                  Service was excellent; friendly and warm. The dining room is nice with beautiful paintings and a cute phony fireplace with a video fire!

                2. re: chemchef

                  I walked by Thai Delight the other day and was surprised to see them offering wine flights.

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    When I was there on Saturday, our waitress told us that they are under new management. They've completely remodeled the interior, and my friend said that it was much nicer than it had been previously. I guess they're trying to step it up a notch.

                    The odd thing is that they boast an organic menu, however its a seperate smaller menu from the regular one. So, I guess if you want organic, you get to order something off of the "organic menu". Nice, but odd.