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Oct 18, 2007 03:44 PM

Point Grey/Kits Sunday Lunch?

We will be in the neighbourhood this Sunday with the kids (11 and 9). I am looking for a place for lunch that is not one of the chains (Milestones, White Spot etc), but is family friendly. Would like to keep the bill to about $70.00 before tax and tip.

Although I mentioned lunch, Brunch would be ok too.

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  1. Enigma on West 10th is a nice, family friendly place that does a good brunch. My 9 year-old enjoys the place, and the staff has always been nice to him.

    1. for a nice view, try Watermark at Kits Beach, food is so so only though. I agree with Enigma, love the place and the owner is really nice and its kid friendly.

      1. I just happened to be at Enigma for a great brunch today and concur with Chomp that its family/kid friendly, judging by the larger groups that I saw inside the full restaurant, with many of the children younger than the ones you have.

        1. You could also try Burgoo, up on 10th. Lovely soups, stews, etc. and kid-friendly. I know Tomato Cafe has also moved to Kits...haven't tried them in their new location but friends have and thought it was great. I often went to the Cambie location and it was fresh food, and a great kid-friendly atmosphere....