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Oct 18, 2007 03:44 PM

What to eat at AOC?

Going to AOC for the first time tonight...Any suggestions on items to order?

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  1. Just about everything we have had there has been very good to excellent. The menu changes seasonally so I can't make specific suggestions but we have had delicious cauliflower (roasted?), Deep fried halibut cheeks were incredible-- crispy but not greasy. Ask your server. We have found that they have steered us in the right direction in the past.

    1. My favorites at AOC are the roasted dates, the farro, and the charcuterie plate.

      1. 12 hour pork belly with mojo criollo and avocado

        1. I'd say don't overlook the salads. It is easy to, given all the excellent stuff on the menu. Our favorite salad to toss at home is based on ideas taken from the one we had at A.O.C over 3 years ago. Beware of the cavalo nero and mushroom dishes - both good but pretty greasy. Don't make the mistake of ordering both.

          1. It isn't always on the menu, but I have had a sweet potato thingy with bacon there that is incredible! If you see it, pounce!