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Oct 18, 2007 03:43 PM

Good CHEAP lunch spots in Orlando area?

We're going to Orlando next week to visit relatives and their restaurant tastes aren't exactly gourmet... so I'd like to have one or two nice lunches while we're out and about to shake things up. DH is deathly allergic to seafood so south-east Asian is out (fish sauce/oyster sauce...) and he won't eat curry so no Indian. He mostly likes your basics and typical pub food. Any suggestions? We'll be going to Winter Park one day - anything around there?

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  1. Fiddler's Green is a very cool Irish pub in Winter Park, on Fairbanks Avenue near Rollins College. They have awesome Guinness-glazed barbecue wings, as well as more traditional pub fare like bangers and mash.

    The best burgers in town are at Fuddruckers in the Festival Bay Mall on International Drive, which is south of Winter Park, closer to the Universal Studios theme park.

    There are a few decent barbecue joints around, including Sonny's (a chain with several locations, and my personal favorite), Bubbalou's (in Winter Park on Lee Road and 17-92), and O'Boys (in Winter Park, practically across the street from Fiddler's Green).

    1. I would recommend the Black Bean Deli in Winter Park. Nice and cheap, and the Papas Rellenos are great. They also have a really good Cuban sandwich!

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