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Oct 18, 2007 03:39 PM

Hudson (Former David Greggory)

Anyone been yet? According to a Zagat email I received, this place (re-?)opened this week:

Hudson Glams Up Former David Greggory Space
Published on October 16, 2007, in Notable Openings
Hudson, a West End New American opening this week, has glammed up the former site of David Greggory, giving it a retro-chic look with a granite-topped bar, hardwood floors and lush raspberry-and-taupe banquettes – there’s an outdoor patio and a curtained-off VIP preserve too; its breakfast through late-night menus offer upscale riffs on comfort fare, as well as novel and classic mixed drinks – all designed to convince locals to treat it as an annex to their offices and homes.
2030 M St. NW; 202-872-8700

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  1. I haven't been yet but am very excited to try it out. It's a few streets down from my apartment and I'm hoping this place is a promising early morning-late night spot. It's also perfect for my Book Club to meet at. :)

    Maybe I'll try to stop by this weekend when my boyfriend is in town. I'll report back if I do.

    Also, do you know what the website is or if a menu is up yet? I couldn't find anything on

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    1. re: Elyssa

      They have a website but it just says "coming soon." Open Table says it will accept reservations starting OCt 25.

      1. re: Dakota Guy

        Yea, I walked by on Wednesday and it wasn't open yet.

        1. re: WashDC33

          I hear their opening party is on Oct 24 so perhaps open to the public after that? Oct 25 would make sense.

          1. re: Petitpois

            I just called and was told Oct. 25 is opening day.

            1. re: MSommelier

              From today's Daily Candy:

              October 24, 2007

              Cash Cow on the Hudson
              Hudson Restaurant & Lounge Opens

              Most restaurants are nice places to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.

              Sleeping on wooden chairs, eating crab ravioli for breakfast — even a comfort-food eatery is not necessarily a home.

              Unless you’re at Hudson Restaurant & Lounge, a new spot opening tomorrow that you might just want to move into.

              For one thing, they’ve got brunch, lunch, and dinner service, and they’ll soon be adding breakfast, so you’ll be covered for all the day’s food requirements. Meaning whether it’s a 10 a.m. smoothie, a midday burger, or a hearty sit-down dinner of matzoh ball soup and buttermilk fried chicken, there’s always something on the menu to suit your timing and taste.

              Comfy banquettes make for a stay-awhile setting — so much so that you might find yourself wanting to take a snooze after dessert.

              But don’t worry. If you wake up feeling peckish, they’ve got an apple cinnamon martini that makes a perfect midnight toast.

              All the comforts of home, plus vodka?

              Hudson Restaurant & Lounge, 2030 M Street NW, between 20th and 21st Streets (202-872-8700).

              1. re: WashDC33

                That review just got me so excited! The possibility that I could be bad on a day that I'm feeling blue and get BOTH fried chicken and matzoh ball soup makes me so its right around the corner from my apartment!!!

    2. A group of us tried it Saturday night, and while there were just a couple of minor service glitches, our waiter was very friendly and Alan P. stopped by several times to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. The food was good and I LOVED the pomegranate caipirahna! I shall return...

      1. I went and checked out Hudson last night and had a wonderful meal.

        First off I really like the design of the restaurant. It's such a key location with all the big open windows, and the pink and brown motif works very nicely. I sat at one of the 2-tops against the glass wall with my back to the bar. I was dining alone so it was nice to be able to look out at the rest of the restaurant.

        My waiter, Chip, was very friendly and helpful (more to come on Chip's generosity later.)

        The menu (which I reallllly hope they put up on the website soon for everyone to enjoy) was nice...resonably priced for sure with a bunch of items I wanted to try. I was originally going to go with the ahi tuna as my entree but then Chip told me about their salmon special which sounded interesting.

        I got a 1/2 glass of Zinfandal (can't remember the full name, Tobin something, but I know it was $6 and delicious....I will order it again if I see it on the menu. ) I'm a big fan of the 1/2 glass on menus these days because sometimes that's really all I want.

        For an appetizer I got the deviled eggs. They were nice and creamy with a strong bacon taste. It was served with a small salad of greens and toast points (which I didn't really find necassary). OH I almost forgot the addictive Parker House rolls....SO good. I was thinking about just having 1/2 and ate 2...I have no self control around bread that tasty.

        My main course was a perfectly cooked piece of salmon with a tangy, strong BBQ sauce with fennel seeds served over a nice side of garlic-scented spinach. I never though of putting a strong sauce like BBQ sauce on my salmon but it tasted great. You could tell this was a home-made BBQ sauce recipe...very tangy and sweet and spicy at the same time. The fennel seed added a great crunch and burst of flavor. Everything was just delicious. I believe the fish dish cost $18---not bad.

        My waiter came by and asked if I wanted dessert. Since it was Halloween I thought I would allow myself a small treat. The dessert menu is a lot of fun with 5-layer chocolate cake (what I wanted but wouldn't allow myself to get) and a root beer float. I decided on cheese cake with seasonal berries.

        Here comes the cute and funny part: when the waiter came out with the cake it had a big birthday candle and he was singing happy birthday. I looked at him curiously and asked if the cake was for me. Apparently when he was looking at my license for my wine, he mis-read my birthday (which is 10/1) and thought it said (11/1). So he thought my birthday was the next day. I thought it was incredibly sweet of him and we laughed about it. He even comped the cake which was very generous. They certainly know how to impress me to make me want to return.

        Hudson is an excellent addition to the neighborhood. Certainly moderate-priced with friendly service. I was dining alone and felt perfectly comfortable sitting there, reading my book. The bar was pretty crowded and seems like a great place to meet up with some friends and grab a drink and some appetizers.

        I highly recommend it and will be returning again soon to check out their brunch/breakfast menu.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          All of their menus, including drinks and dessert, were online last I checked. So enjoy window shopping!

          1. re: Elyssa

            Sounds great. Looking forward to trying it out.

            And if it really was your birthday I would hope you wouldn't be dining alone! :)

            1. re: KWynn

              That's probably how I got the free piece of cake because the waiter took pity on me. All the people around me were wishing me a "Happy Birthday" with a little bit of sadness in their eyes. lol

          2. I just went to Hudson for the first time last Friday night with my friend. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and overall has a great vibe. The front room has a lovely view of the busy street, and the place feels vibrant and fun.

            Unfortunately, the food is mostly terrible. Though, it may have been the particular dishes we ordered. We started with the calamari, which was delicious. The only problem was that the crispy cornmeal coating hardly stuck to the calamari, so it made eating slightly difficult. However, the subtle spicy flavor of the dish mostly made up for this. The Parker House rolls that Elyssa praised above, though, were a disappointment. They were dry and on the verge of going stale, I thought.

            My friend ordered their burger, and she said that the bun was inedible. The burger itself was okay, though they did not cook it the way she requested. Her favorite part of the dish was the slaw they included on the side, which is kind of sad when you think about it.

            I ordered the duck confit, and I'm sorry to report that it was disgusting. I've never had duck confit before, so I don't know what it's supposed to look/taste like, but this was not a pretty dish and the meat itself was dry, tough, and thoroughly unappetizing. I ate less than half of it before giving up. The accompanying truffle fries lacked any distinctive flavor, truffle or otherwise, and they really needed salt or some type of seasoning. (Personally, I'm a huge fan of potatoes cooked in every which way, so if someone messes up something as easy fries, that's a strike against them.) The best part of the dish for me was the little arugula and parmesan salad that came on the side (which, again, is kind of sad).

            Also, while our waiter was polite, the service was slow and he was inattentive. Upper management did stop by our table to check up on us, which I thought was a nice touch. Unfortunately, neither of us like confrontation, so we couldn't bring ourselves to say anything other than "fine" when they asked us how everything was. (I think replying "this food is terrible" to their faces might be a tad rude, but I don't know.)

            I don't think we'll be going any time soon. Though, I am interested in giving it another chance in the future and trying one of their other supposedly better dishes or their cocktails. Maybe they were having a bad day that Friday, I don't know.

            (I felt bad for my friend, though, because she was visiting from NYC, and I had to apologize later that night for subjecting her to that meal.)

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            1. re: blisseau

              Wow that's really a shame about your experience. Clearly mine was different...especially with the Parker Rolls (everyone I know, including Tom Sietsema, seems a little addicted to them.)

              I know you don't like confrontation, but I would have mentioned to your waiter or the manager (who actually stopped by, usually you have to drag someone over to talk to you) about the problems you had with the food. It's a new restaurant and every bit helps in making it a better establishment. You can say it in a way that doesn't come off as rude. I've wanted to say in the past "Your food sucks" but instead I would say "I didn't really care for the duck confit" or "The burger was good but the bun could use a little help" something like that.

              1. re: Elyssa

                I was so disappointed that we had the experience we did because I was really looking forward to eating at Hudson after I read your previous positive reviews.

                I didn't want to say anything rude because I figured that it was a new restaurant and maybe they were having an off day. Also, like I said, I'm not a fan of confrontation, so I thought that my criticism, however politely phrased, wouldn't be taken too kindly. I realize now that I probably should have spoken up. Next time I have a disappointing meal, I'll try and get my courage up to tell them about it (though hopefully, my next experience at Hudson will be better!)

            2. My husband and I went a week ago, after Tony Bourdain spoke at Lisner Auditorium. We didn't put the menu ( thru it's whole paces, as we weren't starving that late at night, but I can tell you that what we did have was delicious.

              I had the French onion soup and it was better than the version I had at Bistro Bis - the broth was deep, robust and tangy, and the cheese was, of course, wonderful. My husband had the deviled eggs that Elyssa described so well in her review - and she's dead on! He practically licked the plate... ;-


              We decided to share the Santa Fe Hot pizza and it was done just the way we like it - thin, crispy crust, but not too dry or too limp/soggy. It was perfect, and the flavors were spicy, but not overwhelming. You wanted more, instead of reaching for your water glass. We also indulged in the truffle mac-and-cheese. While it was extremely tasty, it was also way too rich for us - 2 bites in, and we were kind of done with it.

              The only negative thing I would say about the place is our server, while very kind, just seemed... lost. Or distracted. He wasn't a bad server, so there was no real need to complain, and he could have just been having a bad night. When he was at the table, he was friendly and knowledgeable. But he just seemed a little scatter-brained.

              We definitely plan on going back and trying out their main courses.

              (btw, if you love gin, you HAVE to order the Cucumber Collins - the "air" is lame, but the cocktail is spectacular)