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Oct 18, 2007 03:30 PM

New Strouds you lucky dogs

Just saw the great news in the KC Star about the new location. I will trek back from California to check it out but until then, will watch this board for openings and first reports.

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  1. Maybe Stroud's will make that location work. It seems like a great spot but nothing ever seems to last long there. I can smell the fried chicken now!

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    1. re: amy_rc

      Breadmaker was there for years. I still don't know why they had to close. We really liked their breads. The Mexican restaurant that took their place wasn't there that long, but I would bet Stroud's will be there forever and ever!

    2. For those of you that missed the article (like me) the new location is 4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Fairway, KS.

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      1. re: Mushroom

        There is something called Granny's Fried Chicken moving into the old WJ McBrides location at Village West, sounds a lot like Strouds type food, has anyone ever heard of it?

        1. re: WyCo

          I remember an old chain (let?) called Grannys that used to be similar, don't know if it is the same. Strouds fried chicken set up with sides but in a small hushed room with photographs of white haired grannies on the wall. Not as good as I recall but since I am a long time Strouds fan, what would be? That location was at Corinth Square.

          Speaking of Strouds, when I was in KC last, I finally made the trek out north of the river and was not overly impressed, dishes seemed smaller, bowls were plastic, had to ask for cinnamin rolls etc. The livers were very good, a trifle over cooked but still fabulous. Anybody else think it is not as good as 85th street or was it just me and / or an off night?

          1. re: foodfan

            I only ate at the Strouds North of the River. It was hit and miss. With that said, when it was good, it was really good. Sometimes you sit through a few ok meals to get to one of those really great meals.

            1. re: foodfan

              Have only had the Chicken Pot Pie from the North location, it isn't nearly as good as it was. Also it is considerably smaller, also noticed they don't include the cinnamon rolls.