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Oct 18, 2007 03:29 PM

Moxie in DFW?

I know you can get Moxie online from a few specialty soda places, but the shipping is usually high, not to mention the price per bottle.
Just looking for a place within maybe 40 miles of DFW to buy bottles/cans here.
If you've never had moxie, it's an old soda from New England, Maine I believe. It has hints of root beer/ sassafrass but is bitter and not very sweet. If you have ever had Jamaican Mauby or Chinotto you have an idea of the medicinal bite that Moxie has.
THE most refreshing drink in hot weather - hands down.

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  1. According the soda gallery in Oak Cliff, they carry a few different flavors of Moxie including the original Elixir. Here is the link: