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Oct 18, 2007 01:53 PM

wines [Moved from Midwest board]

I am having a surprise party at my home in st. louis. The guest of honor is a beer drinker. However, there will be some winers here. Any suggestions of good wines, medium price range that can cover those that are dry winers and semi-sweet winers? I am a sweet winer, so I am no help at all. Not interested in white zin. Maybe suggestions for merlot, shiraz, reisling, pinot!

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  1. Can you give us a projected menu? I'm a big fan of pairing the wines with the foods. Also, a definition of "medium-priced," would help a great deal. For me, "medium-priced" is ~ $40-50/btl., while for some, it might be $15-25/btl.

    Sorry to ask so many questions, and not have any suggestions yet, but more info, will help folk greatly.


    1. Former St. Louisan here. St. Louis has many good wine shops, especially the Wine Merchant on Hanley and the Wine and Cheese Place on Forsyth. Take your questions, budget considerations and menu to either of those stores. They will help you.

      By the way, I have fond memories of being weaned on French and German wines in St. Louis. The importing relationships go back a very long time, and the selection in that town is quite good. Don't know now about the availability of California wines though.

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        I'll second those stores, but they may not be in your area. Where do you live? Other good stores are Grapevine Wines in Kirkwood, The Wine Barrel in Sunset Hills, Provisions in Creve Coeur, and the big superstore Lukas Liquors in Ballwin. I think the staff at Grapevine is the most helpful in town (two brothers own the place, one is almost always there).

      2. Do some 2005 German Mosel rieslings... price is right, quality is awesome, and nobody on g*ds green earth doesn't like them.... including an eastern-missouri-ozark-hayseed beer drinker (like many of my family lol)....